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There are many ways to help Family Shield

The following are volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested in learning more, e-mail us at witnesstofamily@gmail.com.


Each year the Family Shield Ministries (FSM) Board of Directors Nominations Committee accepts names to serve on the FSM Board of Directors. If you are interested in being nominated, please send your resume or information to the Family Shield office. As a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of the LCMS, the FSM Board are members of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS). Nominations are being accepted now. Elections are in the fall of each year.

Family Shield Congregational Liaisons 

Family Shield is seeking interested volunteers with leadership skills to assist us in promoting the radio program in their congregation and local communities. Contact us to learn more.

Prayer Partners
Prayer partners in St. Louis gather every other month for prayer and lunch. Others receive prayer requests through e-mail. All pray for Family Shield needs and the needs of those we serve who ask for prayers.  E-mail us if you want additional information.

Fund Raisers/Special Events/Seminars

Special Events

Special events are held each year. We need volunteers to help with PR, media, inviting people to become a sponsor, registration, and decorations. Learn more about events under “Special Events.”

Speakers Bureau
Pastors and/or church professionals often to make presentations through our Speaker’s Bureau. See the link about the Speaker’s Bureau to learn more. All speakers must be confirmed through the ministry. They help us accomplish our mission.

Radio/PR-Congregational Liaisons 
FSM PR Liaisons assist us in publicizing the radio program at their congregation, promote fund raisers, and other events. Guests and topics are posted on the website each month and are available through the e-mail newsletter.

Family Shield Counter-Cult Ministry
Counter-Cult Ministry and other Outreach Services. Limited ministry opportunities are available for Christians who want to work with ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses or ex-Mormons and their families. We sometimes have need of individuals to lead individualized Bible studies with former Jehovah’s Witnesses or family members. Other volunteers are needed to make telephone calls to family members of Witnesses or Mormons who are lonely or need regular contact.

Volunteers who work directly with individuals we serve must go through a screening process.

If you would like to help with registration at workshops, please contact us. We also sometimes need volunteers to help with exhibits.

General Office Work 
Volunteers are needed to help with general office work. Volunteers work on a project by project basis. Others come to the office one-half day each week or every other week. Others come for special projects. The office is in Lemay, MO 63125. Times of service must be set up in advance.

Calls to increase the number of radio stations 

We need one or two dedicated volunteers who can make telephone calls to radio stations to introduce them to Family Shield and see if they would be interested in airing the program through PSA’s. Contact us if you are interested.

Yard, Maintenance, and Cleaning 
Yard work, general maintenance work, painting, and cleaning are needed on a periodic basis. We are currently looking for some volunteers who could help to organize our storage area.

For additional information: (314) 772-6070. If you are interested in learning more contact: witnesstofamily@gmail.com.

Updated 3-2017