The Vision

Family Shield Ministries is an innovative-collaborative leader in family ministry and evangelism. Working in partnership with The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and other Gospel- oriented Christian organizations, it will impact the world for Christ and transform lives in time for eternity.

The Mission

To educate and equip people, through the Gospel, to know Christ and to grow in His Word; and to strengthen individuals and their families.

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Pacific Bay Recovery

A great family resource online!

Our Latest Programs

Jumpstart Your Witness

How can Christians prepare to witness to those who ask them about the hope they have in Christ? Why is gentleness and respect so important? Join us today on Family Shield - our topic is Jumpstart...

Loved and Sent

How do we find identity and meaning in today's world? What does it mean to be loved and sent? Why do so many non-Christians have misperceptions about Christianity and how can we address them? Join...

Heaven–The Undiscovered Country

Every person who has ever lived has wondered about the place beyond mortality. Shakespeare called it the undiscovered country. God's word tells us about our souls -- our bodies in heaven. What...

Do’s and Do not’s When Witnessing to Mormons

Do you have a family member or friend who is a Mormon that you want to share your faith with? How do you begin? What are some do's and do not's for witnessing to a Mormon? Join us today as we learn...

Conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses

An unfamiliar car parks near your house and two nice-looking people approach your front door. Your doorbell rings and after exchanging some pleasantries your unexpected guests offer you literature from the Watchtower Society. What will you say? What should you say?


The radio program had just ended when the engineer said, “Kay, you have a call.” “Hello, Mrs. Meyer, are we off the air?” “Yes.” “Good. You talked today about prayer. I really need your prayers. Would you pray for me and my husband?” During the next few minutes, this woman shared her story with me. Sometime before she learned that her husband had been involved in a long-term affair. She was understandably hurt, angry, and upset. “Mrs. Meyer, he was my best friend! I feel so betrayed! I don’t know what to do or where to go for help. I just can’t seem to get over the hurt.”  MORE>>

Prisoners Learn about God’s Love

“I listen to Family Shield each week and am a prisoner in Texas. I almost never attended church as a child and didn’t know much about the Bible. One of the volunteers that comes to do Bible studies with us recommended the radio program to me two years ago. I’m learning so much! Thank you for caring about me and my family.” John

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Loved and Sent by Rev. Joff Cloeter

What is Family Shield Ministries?

In Balance: Christ Filled Living, written by Kay L. Meyer, discover topics like Knowing Jesus gives my life balance, Prayer gives my life balance, Balance when life seems overwhelming, My life has balance because God keeps His promises, Encouragement and contentment gives my life balance, Serving and sharing Christ lives my life balance.