The Vision

We are Christians who care about families and the Gospel, transforming lives now and for eternity.

The Mission

We care about families growing in Christ; and equip them to witness to each other and to the world.

by Helping families grow in Christ
by Equipping families to witness for Christ
by Witnessing to families who don't know Christ

Our Way Home: A Journey through the Lord's Prayer

Our Way Home: A Journey Through the Lord’s Prayer

Whether you’ve prayed the Lord's Prayer 1000 times, or you’re not quite familiar with every word, Our Way Home invites you on an incredible, vivid ...
Relying on God

Relying on God

September 24, 2021 Family Shield Ministries cares about families growing in Christ; and equips them to witness to each other and to the world. Relying ...


A Radio Program Listener Calls in...

The radio program had just ended when the engineer said, “Kay, you have a call.” “Hello, Mrs. Meyer, are we off the air?” “Yes.” “Good. You talked today about prayer. I really need your prayers. Would you pray for me and my husband?” During the next few minutes, this woman shared her story with me. Sometime before she learned that her husband had been involved in a long-term affair.   MORE>>

Prisoners Learn about God’s Love...

“I listen to Family Shield each week and am a prisoner in Texas. I almost never attended church as a child and didn’t know much about the Bible. One of the volunteers that comes to do Bible studies with us recommended the radio program to me two years ago. I’m learning so much! Thank you for caring about me and my family.” MORE>>