The Vision

We are Christians who care about families and the Gospel, transforming lives now and for eternity.

The Mission

We care about families growing in Christ and equip them to witness to each other and to the world.
"Give as freely as you have received." (Matthew 10:8)

by Helping families grow in Christ
by Equipping families to witness for Christ
by Witnessing to families who don't know Christ

Concordia Center for the Family

Concordia Center for the Family

Welcome to Family Shield. Today we'll learn about Concordia Center for the Family and how they equip congregations and their members to disciple children and families for Christ. We’ll also learn about relationships from Dr Todd Biermann’s book Handing Out Life: The Simple Way to Rewarding Relationships in All of ...
FSM Update

Family Shield Ministries Update

July 8, 2024 Family Shield Ministries Update An Employment OpportunityAs Administrative Assistant for Family Shield Family Shield Ministries recently began its search for a part-time Administrative Assistant. If you would like to learn more and review the job description, contact us at witnesstofamily@gmail.com. Please include your email and telephone number. Family ...


I'm Raising My Grandchildren

Mary called to request the booklet on “parenting” from our radio program. She has taken on raising three grandchildren. These are Mary’s grandchildren, not her husbands. This has caused a strain on the marriage and they are finding that going from ‘empty nesters’ to raising two active boys and a little girl to be almost too much. But…what else could they do? Our Response Center representative offered to send “Parenting with Purpose,” "For Better for Worse," and "Stressed but Connected." Mary said she would read them and pass them on to a few other “second time moms.” She also said to thank you for your program. It encourages and equips her to deal with her daily life. She felt it was aired especially for her!  MORE>>

A Young Mom Thanks Us for Our Parenting Programs and Bible Studies

Erica wrote: “Thank you for your prayers for me and my son, believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, listening to my dreams and fears, teaching me about parenting and about the Lord. I know you will be glad to hear that I finished my college degree last year. Being a single mom, this was no easy task. My son and I are doing well. I just wanted to say thank you. You will never know how much your interest and support meant to me.” MORE>>


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