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Family Shield, hosted by Kay L. Meyer, the founder and president of Family Shield Ministries, is a weekly radio program that has been aired since 1996. It is a half-hour program aired throughout the United States, as well as internationally. The program addresses family life, spiritual growth, prayer, missions, apologetics, and learning to witness. It is a production of Family Shield Ministries. Program guests are experts on a wide range of topics related to Christianity and family life.

Program directors and/or general managers at radio stations

If you would like to receive Family Shield, 28 minute radio program, call the FSM office at 314.772.6070 or e-mail You can receive the program each week at Please let us know the time it will be aired so we can promote it to our listeners and supporters.

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Each week you can call or e-mail us to receive a complimentary booklet or resource through the Family Shield Response Center at 1-877-250-8416 or e-mail us at

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by Kay Meyer with
Dr. Greg and Yvette Seltz

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