Month: January 2019

Family Shield Ministries Podcast

Conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses

An unfamiliar car parks near your house and two nice-looking people approach your front door. Your doorbell rings and after exchanging some pleasantries your unexpected guests offer you literature from the Watchtower Society. What will you say? What should you say?

Family Shield Ministries Podcast

Creationism vs. Evolution

What do cuddly purple dinosaurs, an ark with long necked giraffes, abortion, cave formations millions of years old, fossil fuels, dragon legends, and stars a billion light years away have in common? How is the teaching of evolution impacting our … More

Family Shield Ministries Podcast

Block Parties for Outreach

You’ve heard about parties but have you ever considered organizing a block party for outreach? How could your church or church group organize a block party and use it to share the Gospel and reach individuals and families for Christ? … More