Month: July 2019

Counter Cult Ministry

Family Shield’s Counter Cult Ministry

By admin / July 31, 2019

What does the Family Shield Counter Cult ministry do? How are we helping individuals and their families? Join us today as I talk about this area of our ministry, and …

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Teens and Screens

By admin / July 23, 2019

Screen time is rapidly replacing family time, and for teens especially, it is hard wiring the way they connect with their world. Join us today as I interview Dr. Cathy …

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LCMS Black Ministry

Black Ministry in the LCMS

By admin / July 16, 2019

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Black Ministry provides encouragement, assistance, advocacy, and works with 35 LCMS districts, congregations and schools in minisrty to people of African-American descent and other ethnic …

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Spiritual Gifts

Learning About Your Spiritual Gifts

By admin / July 9, 2019

What has Jesus done for you? Why is He the head of the church? What does the Bible say about the Body of Christ and spiritual gifts? How are you …

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No More Perfect Moms

No More Perfect Moms

By admin / July 3, 2019

Do you think you can be a perfect Mom? Some women, before they had their children, think they can be. Then reality sets in as their young child throws a …

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