Month: July 2020

Marriage Whisperer

How can you improve and strengthen your marriage? Join us today as I interview Dr. Pat Hollinger Pickett. We’ll discuss her book The Marriage Whisperer: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight. She’ll offer practical tips and guidance for relationship enrichment.

Reaching Jehovah's Witnesses Loved Ones with the Gospel

Reaching Jehovah’s Witness Loved Ones with the Gospel

Kay Meyer, president of Family Shield Ministries and host of Family Shield, spoke at one of the national Annual Witnesses Now for Jesus conventions on “Reaching Your Loved Ones in the Jehovah’s Witnesses for Christ.” She is introduced by Charles … More

Bored kid

Summertime Activities for Children and Families

Mommy I’m bored! What can I do? Dad when are we going to get there? Children and youth confined within the home or car can try the patience of parents. Join us today on Family Shield as we share ideas … More

Rescuing your Loved One from the Watchtower

Rescuing your Loved One from the Watchtower – Part Two

Each year thousands of husbands, wives, sons and daughters are converted by the Watchtower Society, convinced that it is God’s organization. As Christians we must help Jehovah’s Witnesses look at the truth about the organization they trust so much and … More