Month: September 2020

Put on the whole armor of God

Use the Full Armor of God

How do verses about spiritual warfare in Ephesians 6:10-20 help us keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and preserver of our faith? Why should we stand firm in the Lord? What critical armor and offensive weapons has God given … More

Get out of my way!

Get Out of My Way…Please!

As America tries to return to some semblance of our previously scheduled life, many of us are racing to keep appointments, get the kids to school, pick the kids up, get to work, etc. Old feelings of frustration and stress … More

Alongside Ministry

Alongside Ministry

What is the Alongside Ministry? Why was it developed and how is it helping Zion Lutheran Church in Southern Illinois develop a strong outreach to young parents who are currently not active in church? Why is developing relationships that meet … More


Meet Yvette Seltz

September 24, 2020 Meet Yvette Seltz Kay Meyer with Yvette Seltz in the studio I want to encourage you to read the new weekly blog written by Dr. Marie Yvette Hernández-Seltz, PhD, MS, the Director of Candescent Counseling, Consulting & Coaching, LLC.  She … More


I’m Lying, Believe Me

Does the title of my article make you uncomfortable? It is a bit disconcerting, isn’t it? Lying…why do we do it? There are many reasons we choose to lie. We do it to avoid trouble, to not hurt feelings, to … More

Peacemaking Women

Peacemaking Women

Friends let you down; a romance dissolves; youth rebel; families are divided; churches are in conflict. Is there really hope for living in peace today? Join me today as I interview Judy Dabler, one of the authors of Peacemaking Women: … More

Father and Son Baking

The Five Love Languages of Children

The Five Love Languages of Children And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, Let the children come to … More

Milestone sign

Expectations, Milestones and COVID-19

There are general expectations most of us have of life. We expect to celebrate anniversaries when we marry. We expect to celebrate high school and college graduations once all criteria have been met. We expect to gather to honor and … More