Month: April 2021

He is Risen!

Stories of those We Touch Through the Ministry

April 29, 2021 Stories from the Ministry We recently updated stories on our website of those we touch through our various ministries. Stories are listed under each area of ministry. The following are a few of the people we have … More

You are visible

You are Visible

Not long ago, I observed a father playing with his young baby in our waiting room. The father and mother had been unable to secure a sitter and chose to bring the baby to their Discernment Therapy appointment. “Peekaboo! I … More

He is Risen!

After the Resurrection

April 8, 2021 A Family Shield Resurrection Quiz for You and Your Family Christians spend a lot of time before Easter learning about Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross for our sins. But, do we know as much about … More