Unshakable: Standing on the Rock when Life Quakes

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September 25, 2023

Unshakable: Standing on the Rock When Life Quakes

Yesterday I interviewed Donna Snow, the author of a new Bible study entitled, "Unshakable: Standing on the Rock When Life Quakes Hard." It is such a great Bible study that I want to let you know about it. Donna and I talked about three Biblical characters. They included James, the half-brother of Jesus; Saul who became Paul after his life was shaken on the Road to Damacus; and the Apostle John, the disciple that Jesus loved.

The Bible study shares information about eight remarkable men and women from God's Word. Each of them had an experience that shook them. And afterwards they were all used by the Lord to share the message of salvation with those they met.

Snow talks about the fact that all of us will have some point in our lives when our life is shaken. It might be suffering, heartache, or loss. Will we rely on the faith that God gives us as His free gift when life's suffering shakes us to the core? And then through God's strength and by His grace can we find ways to point others to faith in Christ Jesus? I pray you can.

My husband and I have experienced suffering and loss. We both lost our parents. Then two of our adult sons passed from death to life. Losing your children is not supposed to happen, but it does. Thankfully, we know our sons had faith in Christ and that we will see them again in heaven. We often share God's love with friends and others we meet that have lost children.

Each chapter of Donna's book has five different segments about one of the Biblical characters. I chose James, Paul, and John because I wanted to learn more about them. I knew Jesus had a half-brother (Mark 3:20-22) but didn't remember that Jesus appeared to James after His death and resurrection. You see, James did not believe in Jesus as the Messiah before Jesus resurrection. But, after Jesus appeared to James, he became a believer and a leader in the Jerusalem church. James wrote the book of James. Why not read it?

Once the program is produced and airs, Donna Snow's new Bible study will be added to the Recommended Books section of our website. All of these books were written by my radio and podcast guests. Donna's book was produced by LWML. You can order it at www.lwml.org or cph.org.

May our Lord keep you safe and in His care.

God's blessings and peace,

Kay L. Meyer
Kay L. Meyer, President and Host

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