5-Minute Bible Studies for Families

5-Minute Bible Studies for FamiliesHow do you share your faith in the home? Would short Bible studies help if appropriate for families? Then join us today as I interview the author of “5-minute Bible Studies for Families.” The book uses relevant Bible passages to address questions, and challenges faced by today’s families. It includes three brief studies each week for one whole year. Whether you are driving to soccer practice or waiting with your child to see the dentist, the brief Bible readings, practice questions and prayer prompts will allow your family to spend quality time with the Lord, strengthening your faith and spanning their desires to serve Him. This book is for all families whose calendars are overflowing with events and obligations. Reverend Jay Bickelhaupt is a parish pastor in Billings,Montana. He’s married to Melissa and they have three children.

5-Minute Bible Studies for Families is available in print from the publisher.