Avoiding a Family Shipwreck

5 Traits of a Healthy FamilyHello Family Shield Ministries Network. We have a very precious opportunity to have a conversation once again with the incredible Rev. Dr. Gary Chapman. That’s one of those names that if you’re a minister, you know exactly who it is. If you’re not in ministry, if you’re not a major churchgoer or book reader, I guarantee you people have been using his stuff on you since 1992 with The Five Love Languages. And this has been a legendary book, and it’s early in your ministry, early in your career, Dr. Chapman. But that is not the only pony that you have put on the field. You have just come out with an incredibly awesome book that is just even more practical in my opinion, than The Five Love Languages. Called Five Traits of a Healthy Family:  Steps You Can Take to Grow Closer, Communicate Better, and Change the World Together. So this is another conversation, and I’m excited about where this is going to go. We’re going to review the book, not as a replacement of the book, but just to showcase how awesome this book is. And then I’ve got a couple of questions that I really wanted to share with you that in my opinion, nobody else is asking you. So I want to make this as practical as possible because there’s a lot of theoretical books and I appreciate how you write. My goal today is to help people avoid a shipwreck. I’m not a sailor, but I’ve seen a lot of movies about sailing and I talked to a lot of people in the Navy. There are a few ways to sail a ship right. And there are a lot of ways to sail a ship wrong. So Rev. Dr. Gary Chapman, thank you for being on our show today.