Faith to Follow: The Journey of Becoming a Pastor’s Wife

Faith to Follow: The Journey of Becoming a Pastor's WifeThis is Family Shield Ministries, and I’m your host, Coreen Jander. For those of you that frequently listen to the show and know Kay Meyer, that lovely lady is my mom. She’s back in Missouri today and I’m coming to you from Minnesota, and today we’re talking with Kate Meadow, author of Faith to Follow: The Journey of Becoming a Pastor’s Wife. Kate is a published writer, editor, teacher, and speaker, and her work has appeared in Writer’s Digest, Chicken Soup for the Soul, USAA Financial Magazine, and many other publications and media outlets. Kate and I have this shared experience of walking alongside our husbands in their journey to become pastors. In fact, we became friends during our time at the seminary, and we quickly realized that we were not the only two women longing for a road map that clearly outlined who we are in this process, and where do we fit. Today we’re going to begin a much-needed dialogue based on Kate’s book about the commonalities in the stories of these women and how the church can lift them up throughout their journey and how they can have faith to follow the Lord’s lead into ministry.