Family Prayer Walk – Phase One

Family Shield Ministries invites you and your family to take a family prayer walk together. What is a family prayer walk, and how can you and your family participate? A family prayer walk is a time to pray together and talk about your needs and the needs of others. Pray for those you know going through a challenge or someone that needs to know Christ. Stop at times to pray alone or pray together. Enjoy your time together and enjoy God’s wonderful creation.

God’s Word says, “Where two or three are gathered in my name there I am in their midst.”  The Lord wants us to talk to Him. He encourages us to equip our children and families to grow in faith and pray.

What could we pray for? Pray for your faith to grow or your family, friends, neighbors, church community, and our nation. How should we pray? The Bible tells us a lot about prayer. Jesus taught His disciples the Lord’s Prayer. In Acts 7:59, Stephen prayed, “Lord Jesus receive my spirit.” We sometimes called this an arrow prayer. God always answers our prayers.

Family Shield Ministries family prayer walk initiative has two phases. Phase one helps families feel comfortable praying together and equips them to pray. Phase two offers family members an opportunity to share their faith and witness. Today we’re going to focus on Phase One. My guest is Jane Haas. Jane is a prayer warrior. Prior to her retirement she was an editor for Concordia Publishing House and a teacher.  We’ll focus on how parents and grandparents can help children learn to pray, and learn more about prayer walking.