Five Traits of a Healthy Family

5 Traits of a Healthy FamilyDr Gary Chapman, author of the 5 Traits of a Healthy Family, shares. The family has been bombarded with influences ranging from the lure of bigger, better, more, to our culture’s emphasis on personal happiness above all else. Young people forming families today often lack models for healthy relationships. We all have hopes and dreams, yet it’s easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged. Strong, healthy families are possible, and do exist, but they don’t happen without meaningful effort. In Dr Chapman’s newest book, 5 Traits of a Healthy Family, he shows us the way to a loving, stable family. With real life illustrations, he shares 5 timeless characteristics that create a flourishing family environment. These traits include families who develop an attitude of service, husband and wives who build intimate relationships, parents who guide their children, children who obey and honor their parents, and husbands and fathers who love, support, and lead. With so many distractions, real communication is getting harder. This new book is an important resource for all parents.