God’s Grace for Those Struggling with Pornography

The use of pornography causes serious problems for individuals, families, marriages, and the church. Has pornography become a part of your life? Is it causing problems with relationships? Has it caused problems in the life of someone you love, your sibling, your child, your spouse, your friend? How can those addicted to pornography come clean? How can you help those who need to confess their addiction to porn? God’s grace is powerful enough not only to make us clean, but also to get us dancing. We can dance with joy in God’s presence as he forgives us and helps us conquer our sinful struggles. My guest today is Mike Novotny. He’s the Pastor of The Core in Appleton, Wisconsin and Chairman of Conquerors Through Christ, a grace-based ministry for sexual sinners. Today we’ll discuss his new book, From Dirty to Dancing: God’s Grace for Those Struggling With Pornography.