Learning About Faith Family Reunion

Family Shield Ministries' board of directors unanimously approved taking over the ministry of Faith Family Reunion at its March 2023 board meeting. Faith Family Reunion has ministered to parents and grandparents that had adult children raised in the church but have turned away from their faith in Christ. It was founded by Paula Isakson. Paula was away from the faith for 25 years. Thankfully she has recommitted her life to Christ and his church. During those 25 years, her parents prayed fervently for her, maintained a positive relationship with her, made sure she knew they loved her, and gently reminded her of God's love through Christ for her. My guest today is Paula Isakson. She has a heart for parents that have adult children that have left the faith, and a wealth of experience helping parents of prodigal children. Today we’ll learn more about Faith Family Reunion.