Recommended Books

Equipped: The Armor of God for Everyday Struggles

Who are you and what is your life all about? Are you aware that there is a force trying to steer your life off course with false outlooks, confused thoughts, and self-destructive actions? It’s time to clear up the confusion. Satan’s Lies offers solid truth to help you look at life in a brand new way, a way that is balanced, accurate, and focused on growth. If you need to be rescued from a frenzied pace in life or from feelings that make you want to give up, Satan’s Lies will help deliver you from the devil’s deception. These chapters, along with a study guide for individual, small group, or large group use, will expose the schemes of Satan and equip new and veteran believers for a stronger faith and life. It’s time for restoration and truth. It’s time to have new life breathed into you. It’s time to expose Satan’s Lies.

by Christopher Kennedy