Recommended Books

Family Wellness: Raising Resilient, Christ-Purposed Children

Wellness is important to everything, making sure that you’re keeping yourself healthy and balanced in all aspects of life. But have you considered the wellness of your family? Is your family well in all meanings of the word: physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally?

Using five core character values, Dr. John Eckrich, founder of Grace Place Ministries, will show you how to build a strong Christian family. Use discussion questions at the back of the book, grounded in God’s Word, to have open and honest conversation about your family life. Grandparents, there’s a special chapter dedicated just for you as well.

For families looking to strengthen their bond with each other, through and with Christ. For new parents wondering how they can raise their children to be healthy with the help of the Bible. For lifelong Christians looking to improve their familial relationships.

by Dr. John Eckrich