Recommended Books

Meaningful Outreach: An Essential Guide for Churches

Outreach is more than hosting community events and hoping they stick! Getting unchurched people through your doors is one thing, but engaging them over time is another.

Effective outreach helps people move from congregational visitors to committed members and disciples of Jesus. This book addresses what makes for effective, Word and Sacrament based outreach that can help you reach the unchurched people in your community.

Rev. Mark Wood walks readers through a four-part process for congregations wishing to strengthen or initiate their outreach efforts, including:

  • How to build awareness
  • Create connections
  • Nurture relationships
  • Make disciples.

This resource book is perfect for congregation leaders, volunteers, and outreach teams. It is a great supplemental resource both for those who have completed the Every One His Witness workshop and for those who want to learn about effective community outreach!

by Rev. Dr. Mark Wood