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Overcoming Life’s Sorrows: Learning from Jeremiah

God’s creation is strong, pushing through and surviving even the worst of disasters. This has been a common fact for years, dating all the way back to biblical times. The Book of Jeremiah’s major theme is all about surviving disaster. But disaster is far more than just tornadoes, hurricanes, or worldwide pandemics. No, they can be as simple as a disaster around you, such as death, alcoholism, or any life event that brings you undue stress.

This book is here to help you understand how to survive these personal or grand disasters by following the Book of Jeremiah. Both a biblical commentary and a devotional resource, author Rev. Dr. R. Reed Lessing provides you with help to find your way through any disaster. No matter if you’re a caregiver, counselor, or someone going through a rough patch, the Book of Jeremiah is here to guide you through it all.

Rev. Reed Lessing