Recommended Books

Promised Rest: Finding Peace in God’s Presence

Living in a broken, unfixable world weighs heavy on every individual’s heart. How can you find rest in a world that’s overwhelmingly restless? Where do you begin to find God’s peace in a world bombarded with strife and the devil’s suffering?

Find your beginning in the simplest form: God’s names and characteristics.

Time and time again, God has given His children His name to call upon in times of suffering. The many names He uses are lifeboats in the dangerous, sin-stained waters of the world. As you work through a future filled with unknowns, the Good Shepherd walks with you and offers His name as your refuge.

This eight-week women’s Bible study will help you examine eight different names and characteristics of God. Through personal writings, Bible stories, and Scripture, author Michelle Diercks will lead you to find peace, rest, and joy in the names of your Heavenly Father. The five daily readings per week guide your journey by offering study questions and Scripture to contemplate.

Change your perspective on how God is working in your life to slowly and simply change everything you encounter. Inhale the comfort of knowing that God is your refuge and will never leave you. Then, exhale all the worries of the world to see the Promised Rest that is a cornerstone to your identity as His beloved child.

by Michelle Diercks