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Reclaiming Home: A Family’s Guide for Life, Love & Legacy

Are you watching as your family spins out of control? Are you pulled in so many directions that you aren’t doing anything well? We live in an era when children often know more about their electronic devices than their own family history, parents invest more time in the carpool line than at the dinner table, and marriages teeter on the cliff of neglect. Reclaiming Home offers families creative, life-changing solutions to these modern day dilemmas. Learn how to throw small pebbles of intentional actions into daily life to create a mountain on which your family can stand for generations.

  • Reclaim and master your chaotic schedule, creating room to breathe.
  • Reclaim traditions that will ignite family identity.
  • Reclaim the sizzle that keeps romance alive in a marriage.
  • Reclaim the hypnotic influence media is having over your children.
  • Reclaim a work ethic in children that will impact their future success.
  • Reclaim peace and meaningful connections around the family dinner table.
  • Reclaim a family legacy that will offer children a place to call home.

by Krista Gilbert