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Shining the Gospel Light on the Quran: Understanding and Engaging Muslims

What does it mean to be a Christian? What does it mean to be Muslim? Both are very similar and yet also very different. What else makes them similar, what makes them different, and how do they navigate their beliefs to better understand each other? As a Christian raised in a majority Muslim country, author Rev. Dr. Abjar Bakhou offers a unique perspective on how Muslims and Christians coexist in society and in their faith. God purposefully created all of His children uniquely on purpose, and it is often challenging to understand why He made everyone different. This book will help individuals understand and navigate how Christianity and Muslim intersect and interact with one another. Join the author as he dives into what each religion believes, how their teachings overlap, and how they differ, and specifically explores the Bible vs: the Quran, God vs. Allah, and Jesus vs. Muhammad.

by Abjar Bahkou