Witnessing to Homosexuals

The Great Commission

From Kay Meyer's column in the St. Louis Metro Voice newspaper from 1994 to 2013.

"Amy was the Christian who shared Christ with me over a period of several months. She spent many hours praying and witnessing to me! She didn't focus on the fact that I was a practicing homosexual, but focused on proclaiming the Gospel message of salvation. She showed her Christ-like love! Coming to faith was an exciting time in my life! If I could only share one thing about witnessing to homosexuals, it would be to build a relationship and focus on the Gospel. Ignore the issue of their homosexuality. Treat them like you would any other unsaved person," stated Joe Dallas, author of Desires in Conflict, Unforgiven Sin, and A Strong Delusion: Confronting the "Gay Christian" Movement. He is the director of Genesis Counseling in Orange, California.

Joe Dallas and Anthony Falzarano of Parents & Friends Christian Ministries in Washington, D.C., are both former homosexuals. Both are now married, have children, and are in full-time ministry to homosexuals and their families. They were recent guests on Family Shield, our radio program heard each Saturday on AM 850 KFUO. During the two separate radio interviews I asked them to share their story and talk about how Christians can witness to homosexuals.

Why did I do this? Because over two years ago Jim Day, editor of the St. Louis MetroVoice, asked me to write a column on this topic. My initial response was, "Jim, I can't. I've never witnessed to a homosexual." Any of our readers who know Jim knows he doesn't give up on a good idea. He again asked me to do an article on this topic several months ago. This time I said, "Maybe I could find a former homosexual and interview him on the radio program. From that interview I could write a column."

I thought it might be difficult to find a former homosexual. I was wrong! I learned a lot. One of the most important things I learned is that there are thousands of former homosexuals in the United States. Did you know that? Why don't we hear more about former homosexuals? I also learned that few people are witnessing to homosexuals.

During the program, Joe Dallas spoke of the woman who shared her faith with him. Her name was Ann. She said, "For several months, she confronted me with God's Word and presented the Gospel to me. Finally, I told her about my homosexuality. I thought that would put a stop to her witnessing! It didn't."

"That's no problem," she told me. "You still need to be born again like anybody else." She continued to share the Gospel. She told me that God loved me so much He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die for my sins! Jesus had lived a perfect life so I could have forgiveness and eternal life with Him in heaven. She told me Jesus had not stayed in the grave after his death, but had risen from the dead! She continued to tell me God loved me! In the following weeks, I came under intense conviction for my sins. Finally one day I went to a park and began talking to God. Lord, if You're really there, I'm ready. I'll give all my life to you."

I left the homosexual lifestyle for several years following my conversion and grew spiritually under the leadership of a godly pastor in Costa Mesa, California. Then, I fell away from the church and my life began to fall apart. The old feelings returned. I walked into an adult bookstore, and soon I was back into the old homosexual lifestyle. Within a week, I was hanging out in a gay bar. I was furious at God.

My new lover took me to the local pro-gay Metropolitan Community Church. This place is a theological mess. That's what I thought when I first heard their rationalization of homosexual behavior. But soon I was hardened and bought into their deception. These churches are made up of homosexuals from all different denominations. They believe you can continue to be homosexual and be a committed Christian. I learned pro-gay theology and became very adept at defending my lifestyle.

I remember that time the pastor of this pro-gay church said, "I'm glad and I'm proud. I'm out of the closet. I'm proud that I have this gift from God. It's proof you can love God and be gay."

Within a few years I was on the staff at that church. As a student minister, I played the piano at service, and took courses on counseling, theology and church history.

I honestly believed the pro-gay arguments for a time. And even though I believe that God was still in my life during that time, my fellowship with Him wasn't anything like what I'd had in the past. I finally realized that I could not continue in the homosexual lifestyle and be a Christian. I talk about that in my book, A Strong Delusion: Confronting the "Gay Christian" Movement. The delusion is the thought that one can combine the Christian lifestyle with the homosexual lifestyle.

Finally, I broke off all contact with my gay friends and moved away to begin a new life. It was a difficult time for me.

I got counseling from a professional Christian counselor. That really helped. I assumed I would be celibate for the rest of my life, but God had a different idea. I met a wonderful Christian woman. We dated several years, and eventually got married. God has continued the healing process in me. I wasn't born gay. No one was! My joy now comes in being who God really created me to be--a heterosexual man, fulfilled in Him.

The Gospel is powerful! Let's use it! For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. For in it, the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, "But the righteous man shall live by faith."

by Kay L. Meyer

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