M&Ms Remind Me of God!

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September 9, 2022

m&m's remind me of God

M&Ms Remind Me of God

by Kay L. Meyer

“Mom, wake up! It's time for us to get ready to go to church.”

“Dad, can I invite Larry to go to church and Sunday school with me this Sunday?”

“Wally, would you like to come to Sunday school with me this Sunday?”

“Steven, let's play church. I'll be the pastor.”

“Coreen, M&Ms remind me of God. Let's talk about how they remind me of God.”

The following is a children's message you can share with your children or grandchildren during family devotions or with your Sunday school class. Before you begin, have one large bag of M&Ms ready and enough small individual sandwich bags to give two bags to each child.

Begin by asking, “How many of you like M&Ms?”

“Good! Then you'll like this devotion: M&Ms remind me of God. See the two large Ms on the bag? This M reminds me that Jesus is our Messiah. He came to earth to live the life we are unable to live. He died on the cross for our sins and rose again to assure us of our eternal life. When I know Jesus as my Messiah, God gives me many opportunities to do ministry or works of service for Him. The second M reminds me of ministry--sharing the Good News in my words and actions.”

“There are a lot more ways that M&Ms remind me of God. I'll need your help now.” Hold up a green M&M and ask, “How does green remind you of God?”

Allow the children to respond by raising their hands. Their answers might include: green leaves, grass, vegetables, and “the world God created for me.”

“What about yellow?” I've used this devotion several times, and at least one of the children always says, “the sun.”

“That's right. When I think of the sun, I think of how it gives us life. I also think of the Son of God. He, too, gives us life--life in heaven with Him forever.”

“What about brown?” This may be a little harder for the children. If they can't think of anything, give them a hint. One second grader responded, “The brown reminds me of the wood that the cross was made from that Jesus died on.” Another answer might be, “God made everybody special and unique. He made each of us different. Some of us are brown in color, and some of us are lighter.”

Children might also respond with answers such as the earth, trunks of trees, and even candy. Praise their answers! Let them be creative!

The blue M&Ms will bring thoughts like the ocean, water, baptism, and blueberry muffins.

Ask, “How does red remind us of God?” Children who have attended Sunday school regularly will usually think of the blood of Christ. I elaborate a little on this one. “Yes, and remember that the blood of Christ washes away our sins, the bad things we do each day.” Another answer often given for red is “God's love,” represented by hearts.

Then you might ask, “How does the shape of the M&M remind you of God?” Allow time for the children to think and respond. Affirm their answers. Explain, “The circle reminds me that God is never ending. He has no beginning and no end.”

“What about the taste of M&Ms?” Explain that God gives us food and supplies our daily needs. He even gives us candy that tastes good!

As I close the devotion, I tell the children I am going to give them two bags with various colors of M&Ms inside. (I put at least one of each color into small plastic bags, but you can purchase individual bags of M&Ms as well.)

I tell them, “After you check with mom or dad you can eat the M&Ms in one of the bags.” Then I say, “I'd like you to use the other bag to tell a friend how M&Ms remind you of God. Will you do that? When you do, you will be sharing your faith in Jesus with them.”

Close by praying: “Thank you, Jesus, for being our Messiah and for forgiving us when we sin. Thank you for loving us. Help us share your love with others. In Your name we pray. Amen.”

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