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    Let's Walk & Pray!Let's Walk & Pray!, written by Jane Haas. Have you ever walked in a park, on a trail, along your sidewalk or a country road and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors? Maybe you take nature walks alone or with your family and friends. Did you ever think to combine your walking/hiking with having a prayer conversation with the Lord? It's as simple as "prayer walking."

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    How to Share Our Faith in Daily LifeHow to Share Our Faith in Daily Life, written by Kay L. Meyer. At Family Shield Ministries, we often begin a relationship with individuals who do not yet know Christ as we help them deal with challenges in their daily lives. As we respond with love and encouragement to people who are seeking help with relationships, parenting, marriage, communication, physical illness, addictions, spiritual issues, and a myriad of other problems; we strive to share God’s love and the Gospel’s saving message. This booklet will show you how you can do the same in your daily life.

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    Balance Christ Filled LivingBalance Christ Filled Living, written by Kay L. Meyer, and produced by National Lutheran Women's Missionary League and marketed by Concordia Publishing House, covers the following topics: Knowing Jesus gives my life balance, Prayer gives my life balance, Balance when life seems overwhelming, My life has balance because God keeps His promises, Encouragement and contentment gives my life balance, Serving and sharing Christ lives my life balance

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    Witnessing-A LifestyleWitnessing–A Lifestyle, written by Kay L. Meyer, and published by Family Shield Ministries, is designed to help parents and Christians learn how to share their faith and disciple their children in the Christian faith. The book offers readers simple ways to share their faith, make new friends and build positive, trusting relationships. It also teaches the reader how to share the Gospel message. It’s designed to equip Christians to share God’s grace and forgiveness when the Lord opens the door. The book is divided into four parts: Witnessing Basics, Witnessing Begins at Home, Witnessing During Holidays, and Witnessing in the Community. The book also includes questions for discussion groups and Bible study groups.

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    Family Ministry BasicsFamily Ministry Basics, published by Concordia Publishing House, is written to help church leaders focus on family ministry within their congregation. As the definition of family changes, it’s vital for the church to reach the message of the Gospel that families so desperately need to hear. But how do you reach them? This study introduces practical, thought-provoking ideas for understanding and guiding today’s families.

    Each chapter is written by a family ministry expert. Chapter titles include: “Why Family Ministry?” by Jeffrey Schubert, “The Marriage Connection” by Bryan Salminen, “Defining Family” by Roger Sonnenberg, “Getting Started: A Blueprint for Congregational Family Ministry” by Steve and Dee Christopher, “Relationships: Dealing with Marriage and Each Person’s Role in the Family” by John Oberdeck, “Touchpoints: Identifying Opportunities to Minister with Families” by Craig Oldenburg, “Generations” by Harry Krupsky, “GRANDparenting” by Rich Bimler, “Passing on the Faith” by Audrey Duensing-Werner, “Family Ministry Celebrations” by Kay L. Meyer, and “Building a Support Network” by Jill Hasstedt.

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    Mission Field on Our Doorstep: Jehovah's WitnessesLearn to share your faith in Christ with Jehovah’s Witnesses at your doorstep! The doorbell rings at your home. two well-dressed Jehovah’s Witnesses are standing on your doorstep. You try to share your faith in Christ, but do not understand their teachings. They believe themselves to be Christian, but are actually proclaiming a false Gospel and a false Christ!

    What should you say to the Witnesses at your door? How can you respond in love and share the truth of God’s word with them? Mission Field on our Doorstep: Jehovah’s Witnesses will equip Christians to share their faith in Christ with the Witnesses at their door. Why not pray now that the Lord will give you the words to speak in the hour that you need them?

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    The Family Shield Lapel PinFamily Shield has a beautiful lapel pin available. It is a maroon shield with a cross in the center and a family surrounding the cross. Use them to share your faith. When someone asks you about the pin share, “Family Shield Ministries believes that families need the cross of Christ in the center of their lives. They also need to use the Shield of Faith based on Eph. 6:16. So do I."

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