Jews for Jesus – Part 2

Hello and welcome to Family Shield Ministries. We are on mission to help families walk together and with each other, and of course to walk with God. I’m Pastor Mark Femmel, part of the Family Shield Ministries crew, and I am blessed to share the microphone, usually blessed by Kay Meyer. Today we have once again, a special guest David Brickner, who is the Executive Director of a pretty wonderful ministry, especially if you were listening last time, of all the wonderful doors that God is opening through the Old Testament. Executive Director of Jews for Jesus, which is an International Ministry out of San Francisco. So this episode is a promise kept, last time we were with David Brickner, and he and I were talking about all the overlap, all the distinctions, and also just how to share the Faith with your Jewish neighbor, doctor, lawyer, cousin, friend, teacher, student, and it was a great conversation in my opinion. We talked about the cultural uniqueness and layers and history of Judaism. We also talked about what that word in your New Testament, Christ, and that Old Testament word, Messiah, what that actually means.