Joining Jesus As A Family: How to Raise Your Children to be Followers of Jesus: Part One

Joining Jesus as a FamilyHow do we join Jesus as a family? Greg and Susan Finke tell us it’s simpler than you think and a lot more fun. Christian parents want to raise their children to be life long followers of Jesus, but many parents watch their children grow up, leave home and then walk away from the faith. What went wrong; and how can a new generation of parents avoid the same result? Greg and Susan identify what Jesus shows us in the Gospels to help parents become more intentional and practical in raising Jesus followers. What does it mean to disciple my own child? What are my parenting goals? Where do I want my child to end up to lead my children there, and how then shall I live? As I watch Jesus in the Gospels, what is his discipleship process? How can I weave Jesus’ discipleship process into the rhyme of my family’s everyday life? Again my guests are Greg and Susan Finke, authors of Joining Jesus as a Family, and the founders of Dwelling 1:14.