The Museum of the Bible – Rev. Mark Femmel with Guest Dr. Jeffrey Kloha

Hello and welcome to Family Shield Ministries. We are both a podcast and a radio program, so it’s pretty exciting. My question for you is have you ever been in that moment where you’re sitting in church and the pastor does it again – he looks at you and somehow he knows you haven’t been reading the Bible. And he looks at you and says, “You should really start reading the Bible. It’s the Word of Life, it’s good – the more you’re in the Word, the freer you are.” Then you do that thing where you nod but on the inside you go “But it’s so boring.” Today we have somebody who I deeply appreciate and respect, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kloha. He was at the Concordia Seminary here in St Louis when I was here and then in 2017 Dr. Kloha, you went to the Museum of the Bible.