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Witnessing Articles

Witnessing Articles from the Great Commission column

Kay Meyer wrote a column in the St. Louis Metro Voice newspaper from 1994 to 2013. Sample articles from her column are below. Other topics are available upon request in print form.

Ministering to the LGBTQ Community by National Association of Directors of Christian Education (NADCE)
Family Shield Ministries – Proclaiming the Gospel Beyond the Walls of the Church (in Recognized Service Organizations)
Families are Transformed Through the Gospel of Christ
Jehovah’s Witnesses Skipped My Home Again Today
Absent from the Body – At Home with the Lord
Is Social Ministry Evangelism?
Ministering to a Pregnant Single Woman
The 4th of July and Summer Activities Remind Me of God
A Divine Appointment With a Jehovah’s Witness
God Loves Life: Physical, Eternal, and Abundant Life!
Reaching Native Americans with the Gospel
Adults Need Christian Education, Too!
Begin at the Beginning!
Share the Light of Christ!
Christmas: A Time to Share Our Faith
Parents–Teach Your Children to Share Their Faith and Pray!
Witnessing Through the Internet
Slander – A Sin That Can Destroy Lives!
Begin With Prayer
Engage the Secular World in Spiritual Conversations!
Go and Make Disciples!
Easter Offers Opportunities to Share Christ
Grandparents – Share Your Faith With Your Grandchildren!
Fathers – Share Your Life and Faith!
Responding to Wicca
It’s About Life
Media and Today’s Families
The Suffering of Christ for You and Your Family
Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
Marriage: God’s Way or the Gay Way? Part I
Marriage: God’s Way or the Gay Way? Part II
Compulsive Gambling: An Escape from Reality!