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Regret and Forgiveness Part 1

By Yvette Seltz / November 30, 2020

A penny for your thoughts? This phrase goes back to the year 1522 when the value of a penny was much higher than it is now. The question is frequently …

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pumpkin pie

Last Piece of Pie

By Yvette Seltz / November 25, 2020

There it sat. The last piece of pie was sitting in the pie tin, literally screaming my name. I longed to reach out and put it, and myself, out of …

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With Friends Part 3

By Yvette Seltz / November 17, 2020

In part one of this series, I stated that friendship is one of the greatest blessings we can receive and give. Aside from family, a friendship circle is the place …

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With Friends

With Friends Part 2

By Yvette Seltz / November 11, 2020

I have four action tips everyone can employ, no matter the age: Be intentional Notice those around you who are interesting, respectful, and kind. When our daughter was in 3rd …

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With Friends

By Yvette Seltz / November 4, 2020

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings we can receive and give. God’s intention of friendship is love. I believe God gives us friends for many reasons. One is to …

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rubber ducks

I Got Ducked

By Yvette Seltz / October 26, 2020

I got “ducked” on a beautiful night last week. Leaving Cottleville Wine Sellers, my friends and I returned to my Jeep to find a small, yellow, masked, rubber ducky sitting …

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Facing Jealousy

By Yvette Seltz / October 20, 2020

It all started with two lollipops. Recently, I witnessed a young mother take two lollipops out of her purse and hand one to each of her children. The candy was …

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The Best Trees to Plant for Fall Colors

Meaningful Traditions and Change

By Yvette Seltz / October 15, 2020

Ah, the leaves have begun to turn. Coffee shops now offer their pumpkin-spice pastries, coffees, and teas. And the smell of cinnamon lingers in the air. Autumn has arrived. We …

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Thru the Fire

By Yvette Seltz / October 6, 2020

I was coaching a client a few years ago who stated that since his divorce and job loss he felt like he was walking through fire. He expressed feeling fearful …

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Get out of my way!

Get Out of My Way…Please!

By Yvette Seltz / September 25, 2020

As America tries to return to some semblance of our previously scheduled life, many of us are racing to keep appointments, get the kids to school, pick the kids up, …

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I’m Lying, Believe Me

By Yvette Seltz / September 16, 2020

Does the title of my article make you uncomfortable? It is a bit disconcerting, isn’t it? Lying…why do we do it? There are many reasons we choose to lie. We …

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Restrictions Apply

Focus, Frustration, Fear or Freedom

By Yvette Seltz / September 8, 2020

This week I would like to talk about the term focus. We first learn about this term when we start school or attempt to learn something new as a child. …

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Milestone sign

Expectations, Milestones and COVID-19

By Yvette Seltz / September 5, 2020

There are general expectations most of us have of life. We expect to celebrate anniversaries when we marry. We expect to celebrate high school and college graduations once all criteria …

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