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Family Shield Ministries (FSM) Board of Directors unanimously approved taking over the ministry that was previously accomplished through Faith Family Reunion (FFR) at its March 2023 FSM Board meeting. Faith Family Reunion (FFR) was founded by Paula Isakson. It has ministered to parents and grandparents whose adult children have left the faith. Paula was away from the faith for 25 years and is now reunited with the Lord and His church. During those years her parents prayed fervently for her, maintained a positive relationship with her, made sure she knew they loved her, and gently reminded her of God’s love through Christ. Paula’s dad was an LCMS pastor that is now with the Lord. Rev. Mark Wood, the Outreach Director for the LCMS, recommended Family Shield Ministries to Isakson since he knew FSM did similar gospel outreach.

Overall Goals of Faith Family Reunion

Faith | Provide resources to congregations, pastors and church leadership to engage hurting parents in order to:

  • Restore faith by reminding them of their identity in Jesus Christ
  • Renew faith in Jesus Christ by welcoming them in love which can help them to experience forgiveness and come to a place of forgiveness for themselves and the prodigal
  • Remind them that faith in Jesus Christ ultimately brings hope to their situation

Family | Create community and outreach, within the church family, for hurting parents by:

  • Demonstrating the love and caring of the church by reaching out to them as a church family
  • Creating a place where trust (within the church family) is built and offering a safe haven where the walls of pride, shame and secrecy can come down
  • Cultivating support and mentoring opportunities with the church family as members of the congregation, pastors and church leaders intentionally interact with them
Faith Family Reunion Small Group Bible Study

Reunion | Help parents to come to an emotional place of peace to:

  • Reunite them with their prodigals in order to open the door for reconciliation with their family so they can share their faith in Jesus Christ authentically
  • Reunite individual families with their church family and create an opportunity for open and honest communication to create a strong familial bond within the congregation
  • Reunite pastors and church leaders with parents and the members of their congregation so that they can work together to engage the prodigal and members that have left the church

Equipping Parents and Families with Prodigals

Family Shield Ministries will promote videos, radio and podcast programs that feature Paula and other prodigals that have returned to the faith. Watch Paula’s story below. We recently interviewed Paula on a Family Shield program. Listen to this program here. We encourage you to learn more by signing up to receive the Family Shield newsletter at

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For More Information

For more information contact: Kay Meyer, 314-772-6070,; Paula Isakson, 970-531-0573,; Rev. Mark Frith, Board chairman, 913-375-4181; or the Family Shield Response Center at 1-877-250-8416.

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