Family Prayer Walk

Family Shield Ministries invites you and your family to take a Prayer Walk together, and promote the prayer walk at your congregation.

Listen to a 30 second intro from Kay Meyer.

  • God wants us to talk to Him in prayer.
  • Jesus taught His disciples to pray.
  • God's Word encourages us to equip our children and families to grow in faith & to pray.
  • One way we grow is recognizing that the Lord answers our prayers.
Family Walking Together

Gather your family and take a prayer walk.
Spend the time talking, reflecting and praying together.

  • Talk about your needs, or a problem or concern you're struggling with.
  • Pray for others who are going through challenges or who need to know Christ.
  • Pray for a person or family you see as you walk, or ask a neighbor, "How can we pray for you today?"
  • Pray for your faith, family, friends, neighbors, church family, community, our nation, the world, or any other issues the Lord brings to your mind.
  • Ask for forgiveness from God, your spouse and/or your children.
  • Ask God to help you forgive someone who has hurt you.
  • Stop and pray together, aloud or silently.
  • When the pandemic is under control, ask friends or extended family to walk with you.


How should we pray?

There are many ways to pray. In Acts 7: 59 Stephen prayed, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!" We call this an arrow prayer. Some people pray using the acronym P.R.A.Y. The P stands for Praise. We praise the Lord because He is worthy of our praise and honor. R stands for Remember. We remember we are sinners and what Jesus did for us by suffering and dying on the cross for our sins. A is for Ask. We ask for forgiveness from the Lord and can also ask for what we need. Y is for Yield. We yield to God's will. God always answers our prayers. He answers "yes," "no," and "wait." God wants us to be persistent in prayer.

Bible verses about prayer

Read and discuss a verse together before or after your walk. Begin your walk by praying the Lord's Prayer together. Eph. 2: 18, Matthew 7:7, Phil. 4:6, Eph. 6: 18, Matt. 9:36-39, James 1:6, Col. 1:10, Acts 7:58, Matt. 6:6-7, Acts 6:4-6, Phil. 4:6, 1 Thess. 5:17, James 5:16, and Acts 12:3-13.

Additional Prayer Suggestions

• Sponsor or co-sponsor a prayer seminar or a prayer breakfast.
• Make a prayer cube to use at meals with your children. Click for Prayer Cube PDF
• Make a prayer chain for your family to use for family devotions and add requests from the walk to it.

Click on the book cover above to download the book, "Let's Walk & Pray."

Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst (Matthew 18:20).