Family Shield Ministries Website Has Been Redesigned

DATE: Monday, June 22, 2015



Family Shield Ministries website was recently redesigned by Michele Caldwell, owner of Houston Web Design and Hosting.  The new website keeps up with the latest standards that Google favors, and along with the new, more open look and feel, makes it easier to manage updates because it’s built with WordPress. It utilizes responsive design to adapt itself to whatever device the user is viewing the website on, so our site visitors will have a better experience when they’re surfing on their smart phone or tablet.

We’ve also made the latest radio programs easier to find and play right on our website. Look for the most recent program in a blue box right on our home page. Listeners asked for an easier way to find and play our past programs so we’ve added links to the last few years. This shows right on our new Radio Program Archives page, listed under Resources.

We also now have an easier to manage news section and we’ve slightly reorganized the site navigation to make it easier to find the information you are looking for. Check it out at:

We recommend Houston Web Design and Hosting to other businesses or organizations that need a new or redesigned website. Learn more at  Prior to beginning the business, Caldwell served as head of technical operations for adWhite Marketing and Advertising for 10 years. In this position, she built over 300 websites and provided web development, website and email hosting, and maintenance for hundreds of satisfied clients.  Caldwell is Google AdWords certified and has proven expertise in pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, html email through Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, domain registration and website design and development.