Family Shield Ministries began through Kay Meyer's volunteer and professional work as chairman of Evangelism at Ascension Lutheran Church in St. Louis, Missouri, and in the larger Christian community in 1981. After many years of being active in family and educational ministries, Kay also became involved in evangelism at Ascension after witnessing to a Jehovah's Witness. Following that encounter, she became actively engaged in the evangelism calling program, an evangelism trainer, Bible study leader, and chairman of the Board of Evangelism. The Counter-Cult Ministry began at Ascension and was officially transferred to Family Shield Ministries when it became a non-profit in 1994.


In February of 1994 the paperwork was filed with the State of Missouri to become a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization. Soon afterward Family Shield Ministries was approved as a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. The founding board members were: Kay L. Meyer, Rev. David V. Schultz, Mrs. William Brauer, Gerald Perschbacher, and Steve Subracko. One of the earliest ministries was the Counter-Cult Ministry. It began at Ascension through Meyer's volunteer work as the evangelism chairman and became a ministry of Family Shield when the organization was founded as a non-profit. This ministry continues to equip family members, friends, and Christians to witness and respond in love to Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons and works with many ex-Jehovah's Witnesses and ex-Mormons.

We produce a weekly radio program and podcast on up to 50 stations throughout the United States. These stations donate airtime to us. Besides our radio programs and podcast, we also designed and continue to present educational programs and write articles on "Family Ministry,” "Spiritual Growth Through God's Word, " “Learning to Witness," "Faith Family Reunion Ministry," and "Prayer Ministry."


The weekly radio program began on AM 1320 KSIV in St. Louis, Missouri. The program was expanded nationally in 2005. Soon after the expansion began Family Shield established a partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM). Today LHM's Response Center takes telephone calls from the radio program and sends complimentary resources and booklets to the callers. Family Shield has produced and aired 1400 Christ-centered radio programs that address family life, spiritual growth, apologetics, prayer, mission outreach, life issues, and learning to witness. Our podcast began in 2018.

We also publish a twice-a-month newsletter, booklets, resources, Bible studies, and books. Some of our popular books include: Witnessing--A Lifestyle, Mission Field on Our Doorstep: Jehovah's Witnesses, Teach Your Children Christian Values, and Balance-Christ Filled Living.

You can also read stories of those we touch and share God's love with through our various ministries here: https://familyshieldministries.com/those-weve-touched/


In 2019 Family Shield Ministries celebrated its 25th Anniversary as a non-profit organization with a special celebration at Royal Orleans Banquet Center in South St. Louis County. Rev. Micheal Newman, President of the Texas District, was our keynote speaker.


In 2023 Family Shield Ministries merged with Faith Family Reunion. The Board of Directors approved this recommendation from Kay Meyer, the founder and president, at their March 2023 Board meeting. Read the FSM newsletter that shares more about the merger here: https://familyshieldministries.com/email-newsletters/faith-family-reunion-merges-with-fsm/

In 1994 when the organization was founded, it had a handful of supporters. In 2023 Family Shield Ministries had 900+ donors throughout the United States. The Board of Directors and stakeholders have designed a new strategic plan for the future. We invite you to join hands with us as we build strong, healthy families and transform lives in time for eternity.

Annual Report 2022-2023 [PDF]

The ministry began at Ascension Lutheran Church in St. Louis in 1981 when Kay Meyer was the chairman of Evangelism and active in education and outreach in the surrounding community.