#1 "Television--How It's Affecting Our Children" with Dr. John Frahm and "Families: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" with Kay Meyer.

#2 "Witnessing--A Lifestyle" with Dr. A. L. Barry and "What's the Gospel" with Dr. Dale Meyer.#

3 "Hints for Sunday School Teachers" with Joan Dubberke and Ellen Hetz and "Improving Our Prayer Life."

#4 "Managing Media in the Home" with Kay Meyer.

#5 "A Christian Response to New Age and Satanism" with Rev. Bruce Frederickson (set of four tapes).

#6 "Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Kay Meyer (two tapes).

#100 "Families: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow."

#101 "Families--Learning to Use God's Shield."

#102 "Fun Family Devotions."

#103 "My Daughter Irena" with Carol Henning.

#104 "My Daughter--Her Daughter" with Rev. Edwin and Joan Dubberke.

#105 "Cults and Our Families" with James Walker of Watchman Fellowship Ministry.

#106 "What's Your Question?" with Rev. David Schultz.

#107 "Time Management" with Rev. John Schmidt.

#108 "TV--How It Is Affecting Our Children."

#109 "Family Shield Communications, Inc."

#110 "Raising Creative Children" with Jane Wilke and Pam Numella.

#111 "Prayer's Impact On Our Family, Faith, and Life" with Larry Connars, Anchorman for Channel 4 News.

#112 "Easter Activities for Families" with Debbie Davis.

#113 "The Suffering of Christ" with Dr. Otto Hintze.

#114 "A Resurrection Quiz for Families."

#115 "Angels: God's Mysterious Messengers" with Rev. Ron Rall.

#116 "Pray! God Listens! with Brenda Young, Dr. Erwin Kolb, and Jan Dietrich.

#117 "Healthy Families Laugh Together," with Dr. Richard Bimler, President of Wheat Ridge Ministries and author of Angels Can Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly.

#118 "Helping Children Learn to Enjoy God's Wonderful World," with Karen Arnold.

#119 "Family & Finances" with Sharon Cleveland.

#120 "Tiny Tim and His Impact on the Abortion Controversy" with Sharon Dunsmore.

#121 "Dealing with the Pain, Sufferings, and Trials of Life" with Rev. David Schultz.

#122 "Witnessing to Mormons" with Rev. Bob Barnes.

#123 "An Encouragement for Father's" with Phil Holhe, Doug Pfitzinger, and John McCastle.

#124 "Witnessing to Family Members and Friends."

#125 "Responding to Conflict Biblically" with Cordell Schulton, Part 1.

#126 "Communicating With Teenagers" with Heidi Borg and Dave Muck.

#127 "Witnessing -- A Lifestyle" with Dr. A. L. Barry.

#128 "Servant Leadership" with Rev. Stephen Hower, St. John's Lutheran Church.

#129 "Life in the Sandwich Generation" with Marcia Hemple and Pat Woodward of Lutheran Senior Services.

#130 "Cults and Today's Families" with Kay Meyer. Week one of a three-part series on Jehovah's Witnesses.

#131 "Cults and Today's Families" Week two of a three-part series on Jehovah's Witnesses with Joan Cetnar, a former Jehovah's Witness and co-author of Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses.

#132 "Cults and Today's Families." Week three of a three-part series on Jehovah's Witnesses with Rev. Herbert Kern, author of How to Respond to Jehovah's Witnesses.

#133 "Mormons and Today's Families" with Marion Bodine, Christian Research Institute.

#134 "Satanism and Today's Families" with Rev. Bruce Frederickson author of How to Respond to Satanism and Cults and Other Beliefs.

#135 "The New Age and Today's Families," Rev. James Winsor.

#136 "What's the Gospel?" with Dr. Dale Meyer and Roger Hebermehl of Lutheran Hour Ministries.

#137 "Let's Learn About Family Shield Communications" with Mike McHardy, General Manager of KSIV AM and FM and Kay Meyer, founder of Family Shield.

#138 "Women in Crisis and Crisis Pregnancy Center" with John McCastle.

#139 "Helping Homosexuals Know Christ," with Michael Numan.

#140 "A Little of This and That."

#141 "At Life's End" with Dr. Donald Deffner.

#142 "Stress and Today's Family" with Dr. Bobby Reed.

#143 "Teens -- Struggle and Grow" with Richard Arnold and Sandy Griffard of Lutheran High School South.

#144 "Grandparenting--God's Way" with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg and Mrs. William Brauer.

#145 "Time Management" with Kenneth Erickson.

#146 "Resolving Conflict Biblically" with Cordell Schulton. Part II.

#147 "Being Thankful for Faith, Family, and Life." A Thanksgiving Special.

#148 "The Angels Announce Jesus Birth."

#149 "Sharing Christ with Prisoners and Their Families with Rev. Paul Beins and Sarah Barnes of Lutheran Ministries.

#150 "Christmas Traditions and Activities for Families."

#151 "Questions Unchurched Ask" with Rev. David Schultz.

#152 "Cults and Today's Families" with Kay Meyer.

#153 "God Told Me -- I Think" with Rev. Don Matzat.

#154 "Maximizing Media in Families" with Rev. Bruce Frederickson.

#155 "Helping Children Learn to Manage Money."

#156 "Gambling and Today's Families" with Dr. John Warren Kindt and Pat Andrews.

#157 "Twenty Questions--Bible Style" broadcast live from Barnes & Noble.

#158 "501 Ways to Love Your Wife and Kids" with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg.

#159 "Witness -- God's Way."

#160 "Genesis and the Dinosaurs" with Dr. Erich Von Fange.

#161 "God Created Families," with Mae and Martin Duggan.

#162 "Congregations Focused on Families."

#163 "Who Is This Jesus," Part 1, The Humanity of Christ with Rev. Charles Spomer.

#164 "Who Is This Jesus," Part 2, The Deity of Christ with Rev. Charles Spomer.

#165 "Volunteers -- Using Their Gifts in Service" with John DeGuire, Annette Frank, and Tina France.

#166 "Responding to Mormons" with John Farkus.

#167 "Teen Pregnancy--What Can Families and Congregations Do?" with Dr. Alice Vliestra and Rev. Tom Sanders.

#168 "Lessons in Dadhood" with Rev. Tim Weseman.

#169 "Rescue at Sea" with Don Wharton.

#170 "Witnessing to Muslims" with Rev. Ernest Hahn.

#171 "Improving Your Prayer Life."

#172 "Discovering God's Will," with Cordell Schulten and Rev. Charles Spomer.

#173 "Jewish Evangelism" with Steve Cohen of Apple of His Eye Mission Society.

#174 "What or Who Makes Someone a Christian?" with Professor John Oberdeck of Concordia Seminary.

#175 "Joys and Challenges in Marriage" with Charlie and Levi Burmeister.

#176 "What Happens After Death?" with Rev. David Schultz.

#177 "Enjoying Nature with Your Children and Family" with Ellen Hetz.

#178 "Let's Learn About Family Shield" with Mike McHardy and Kay Meyer.

#179 "Sent Forth By God's Blessings with Dr. James Boldt and Dr. Carl Barth.

#180 "Parish Nurses Within the Congregation" with Lauri Amann and Barb Gahring.

#181 "Making Changes Within Congregations" with Dr. Leroy Biesenthal and Dr. Norbert Oesch.

#182 "Witnessing Effectively to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Kay Meyer. Part one of a five-week series.

#183 "Witnessing Effectively to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Kay Meyer. Part two of a five-week series.

#184 "Witnessing Effectively to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Kay Meyer. Part three of a five-week series.

#185 "Witnessing Effectively to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Kay Meyer. Part four of a five-week series.

#186 "Witnessing Effectively to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Kay Meyer. Part five of a five-week series.

#187 "Joys and Challenges of Being a Mother" with Catherine Duerr, a CPH author.

#188 "Electronic Millstone: Christian Media in a Media Age" with Dr. Phillip Patterson.

#189 "What's Happening Among the Churches?" Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn, Concordia Seminary.

#190 "A Missionary Journey," with Dr. John and Sally Frahm.

#191 "What Happened to Sin?" with Kevin Meyer and Tim Barrends.

#192 "Violence Prevention" with Bill Kuntz of New Beginning Counciling.

#193 "Assimilation" with Dr. August Mennicke and Rev. Ellis Rottman.

#195 "Front Porch Parenting" with Dr. Mary Manz Simon.

#196 "School Dazed Parents" with Charles Mueller.

#197 "Sunshine Mission" with James Clarkson and Lafayette Beck.

#198 "The Ethical Gap" with Rev. John Schmidt.

#199 "Children and Worship" with Martha Jander and Rev. Jim Gimbel.

#200 "Peace Officers for Christ International" with Jim Frago and Dave McDowell.

#201 "Voelkering Village," with Heather Bauer and Phillis McCurrey.

#202 "A Testimony of Faith" with Congressman Jim Talent. Presented at the Family Shield dinner.

#203 "The Greatest Gift of All!"

#204 "Making the Most of Your Brief Encounters."

#205 "God's Promises and Prophecies" with Rev. Charles Spomer.

#206 "Tracks of Jesus" with Rev. Jeff Gibbs of Concordia Seminary.

#207 "Witnessing to Policemen and Their Families" with Rev. Steve Lee.

#208 "The Abundant Life" with Dr. Bryan Salminen of Concordia Seminary.

#209 "Understanding the Bible" with Rev. David Schultz.

#210 "Dealing with Anger" with Kay Meyer.

#211 "Twenty Questions--Valentine Style."

#212 "Responding to the Lodge" with Rev. James Rongstad.

#213 Previously recorded program.

#214 "More About Mormons" with Dr. Leslie Fyans.

#215 "Angels: God's Myterious Messangers" with Rev. Ron Rall.

#216 "Teaching Teens About Abstinence" with Cordell Schulten and Michelle Cummings.

#217 "The Father's Center" with Rev. Phoenix Barnes, Jr.

#218 "Easter Activities for Families" with Debbie Davis.

#219 "Divorce Recovery" with Rev. Splinter, Kevin Meyer, Pam Dunn of Second Chapter.

#220 "The Abortion Holocost" with Penny Lee and John McCastle.

#221 "The Blended Family" with Rev. Charles Spomer.

#222 "Building a Financial Future" with Brett Diering.

#223 "In Search of Noah's Ark" with Dr. John Morris.

#224 "The Poor and Unemployed" with John DeGuire of Feed My People.

#225 "Dealing with Fear."

#226 "March for the Real Jesus."

#227 "My Daughter--Your Daughter" with Rev. Edwin and Joan Dubberke. (Repeat)

#228 "Child Abuse and Domestic Violence" with Jim Schlie.

#229 "Father's Day and Men at Leasure" with Rev. Bruce Frederickson and Jeff Schubert.

#230 "Summertime Activities for Children."

#231 "Helping Families Touched by Alcoholism" with Rev. Don Busboom and Lynn Uling.

#232 "Infant Baptism" with Professor Tim Saleska and Rev. Ron Rall.

#233 "Infant Baptism vs. Believers Baptism" with Cordell Schulten and Rev. Jeff Gibbs.

#234 "Issues of Life" with Dr. James Lamb and guest host, John McCastle.

#235 "Learning to Use Your Spiritual Gifts" with Cordell Schulten (Part one).

#236 "What's Your Question" with Rev. Charles Spomer.

#237 "Voelkerding Village, a maternity home for women who have chosen life."

#238 "Learning to Use Your Spiritual Gifts" with Cordell Schulten (Part two).

#239 "Family Friendly Churches" with Ben Froedenberg.

#240 "Speaking in Tongues" (Part three).

#242 "Challenges of the Physically Handicapped" with Judy Redlick.

#244 "Dealing with Division within the Church" with Professor Tim Saleska.

#245 "Women of the Bible - Women of Today" with Annette Frank.

#246 "The Reformation" with Professor Paul Robinson.

#247 "The Law-The Gospel" with Dr. James Kalthoff.

#248 "Learning to Use Your Spiritual Gifts" (part three) with Cordell Schulten.

#249 "Why are you thankful?"

#250 "Families Need Laughter" with Dr. Richard Bimler.

#251 "Grieving and the Holidays" with Rev. David Schultz.

#252 "Christ in the Old Testament" with Professor John Saleska.

#253 "When God Says No" with Carol Henning.

#254 "New Year's Resolutions."

End of tapes from KSIV

Begin programs on AM 850 KFUO

#255 "Families Need to Use the Shield of Faith!" with Rev. Charles Spomer, Rev. John Oberdeck, and Cordell Schulten.

#256 "Persistance in Witnessing" with Rev. and Mrs. Dennis Schmelzer.

#257 "Life: God's Choice" with Linda Barlette.

#258 "Catholics and Lutherans" with Father Vinc Heier and Rev. Ron Rall.

#259 "What's a Cult?" With Dr. Jerry Joersz, The Commision on Oganizations, LCMS.

#260 "Helping Troubled Youth" with Chaplain Terry Merrill, Dakota Boys Ranch.

#261 "Twenty Questions - Valentine Style.

#262 "Dealing with Marital Conflict" with Rev. Jeff Schubert, Family Ministry Executive, LCMS.

#263 "Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses" with Jeff Schwehm, a former Jehovah's Witness.

#264 "Improving Our Prayer Life."

#265 "Finances and God's Word" with John Daniels.

#266 "Families: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

#267 "Learning About the Holy Spirit" with Rev. Herbert Kern.

#268 "The Resurrection" with Rev. David V. Schultz.

#269 "Catatechesis in the Family" with Rev. Charles Spomer and Rev. Ken Korby.

#270 "Sharing Our Faith" with Rev. Tom Moyer of Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ.

#271 "A Mother's Day Special" with Pam Kennedy.

#272-3-4 "Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses, Part-One-Part three."

#275 "Families Need the Gospel" with Dr. Lawrence White.

#276 "Angels'God's Mysterious Messengers" with Rev. Ron Rall.

#277 "Happy Father's Day" with Tjaden Meyer and Rev. John Oberdeck.

#278 "It Takes a Team" with Rev. Walt Schoedel, Rev. Larry Tiemann, and Walt Hick.

#279 "Creating a Family Resource Congregation."

#280 "Capital Punishment: Right or Wrong?" Cordell Schulten and Rev. David Mulder.

#281 "Families Dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses" with Pat Hallem.

#282 "Exploring Children's Spiritual Development" with Dr. Gary Bertals, Concordia University.

#283 "Prison Ministry" with Jane Otte and Chaplain Michael Carter.

#284 "God's Rescue at Sea" with Don Wharton.

#285 "Nurturing Children in the Home."

#286 "Justification and the Born Again Theology" with Dr. John Johnson.

#287 "Theology of the Cross" with Kevin Meyer.

#288 "Let There Be Laughter" with Dr. Richard Bimler.

#289 "What Makes a Caring Congregation?" with Joan Dubberke.

#290 "Witnessing to Family Members and Friends" with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg.

#291 "Cultproof your Children" with Bob and Gretchen Passantino.

#292 "The 8th Commandment-Not Just for Pagans" with Rev. Tim Knapp.

#293 "Prayer and Witnessing."

#294 "Resolving Conflict Biblically" with Ted Kober, Cordell Schulten, and Bill Kuntz.

#295 "Is Halloween Harmless Fun?" With Rev. Bruce Frederickson.

#296 Replay of Congressman Jim Talent and Dr. Richard Bimler's presentations.

#297 "Domestic Violence" with Lisa Schelbe and Mary Albert.

#298 "The Blessings of Adoption" with Frank Block and Jan Scherer.

#299 "Advise for Newly Married Couples" with Coreen and David Jander.

#300 "Children and the Holidays."

#301 "The Incarnation of Christ!" with Rev. David Schultz.

#302 "24 Reasons Jesus was Born."

#303 "Praying Through the New Year" with Rev. Vern Gundermann.

#304 "Gambling - How it Effects Families" with Rev. Charles Spomer and Dr. John Oberdeck.

#305 "Dealing with Teen Prostitution" with Heidi Somerset, Alliance to Stop Teen Prostitution.

#306 "Extreme Evil - Kids Killing Kids" with Bob Larson.

#307 "No Regrets - How I Got Out of the Mormon Church" with Judy Robertson, Concerned Christians.

#308 "Bonding and Books" with Jane Wilke.

#309 "God Loved Us First-A Valentine's Day Special."

#310 "Challenges of Stepfamilies" Carrie and Gordon Taylor.

#311 "Why Children Believe in God" With Dandi Mackall.

#312 Using God's Weapons Against Satan's Schemes.

#313 "Transitions of Life-From High School to College" with Marsha Hubbuck, Concordia University, River Forest, IL.

#314 Open Line.

#315 "Joys and Challenges of Homeschooling" with Dr. Ross and Lynn Betts.

#316 "Who Broke the Baby?" With Dr. Jean Garton.

#317 "Children's Spiritual Formation" with Dr. Shirley Morganthaler.

#318 "Family Shield's Easter Special" with Rev. Mel Witt and Dr. John Oberdeck.

#319 "Discovering the Plain Truth-How the Worldwide Church of God Encountered the Gospel of Grace" with Dr. Larry Nichols.

#320 "Life Issues" with Dr. James Lamb and Lowell Highby, Lutherans for Life.

#321 "Special Children Love Life" with La Von Hoelmer, Presidents Commission on the Sanctify of Human Life.

#322 "Addressing Teen Pregnancies" with Debbie Albright and Aimee Wiggers, Bethany Adoption Services.

#323 "TV-Its Impact on Children and Families."

#324 "Teens Encounter Christ" with Dr. John Oberdeck.

#325 "No Ordinary Men-A Father's Day Special" with Dr. Brian Salminen.

#326 "Dealing with Anger."

#327 "College Years" with Rev. Harry Therwagner, Concordia Seminary.

#328 "Oberammergau 2000" with Rev. Alan Bachert, King of Kings Lutheran.

#329 "Baptism-What Does the Bible Say?" With Kevin Meyer.

#330 "Witnessing to Homosexuals" with Anthony Falzarano.

#331 "Stewardship and the Bible" with Rev. Larry Reinhardt and Rev. Ron Nelson.

#332 "Jehovah's Witnesses and Blood Transfusions" with Jeff Schwann and Wayne Rogers.

#333 "Witnessing in Families."

#334 "Ask the Pastor" with Rev. David Schultz.

#335 "Children and Stewardship" with Alex Pavlinko.

#336 "Joys and Challenges of Grandparenting."

#337 "Repeat: Jehovah's Witnesses and Blood Tranfsusions."

#338 "Front Porch Witnessing" with Rev. Steve Albers.

#339 "The Poor and Unemployed" with Glen Koenen, Circle of Concern and Don Sonderman.

#340 "Christians and Their Money" with Bill Montgomery.

#341 "Witnessing to Homosexuals" with Joe Dallas.

#342 "For Faith and Freedom!" With Rev. Paul Devantier.

#343 "Dealing with Depression" with Rev. Charles Spomer.

#344 "Pro Life Issues" with Patti Skain, Missouri Right to Life.

#345 "Ministering to Families" with Kay Meyer.

#346 "Memories in Moments for Thanksgiving" with Susan Stone.

#347 "God's Will for You and Your Family" with Kevin Meyer.

#348 "TLC Teaching-Reaching Each Student" with Dr. David Ebeling and Rev. Jim Gimbel.

#349 "Christian Stewardship" with Dave Rohl and Paul Giedel.

#350 "The Culture in Christ's Time" with Dr. Paul Meier.

#351 "Mary Carried Her Cross."

#352 "Being Slain in the Spirit" with Rev. Bob Lecko.

#353 "The Vitae Society" with Carl Landwehr.

#354 "Paul and Lisa, Inc." with Frank Barnabas, Susan Brault, and Katheryn Hull.

#355 "A Journey of Faith" with Dr. Jeff Schwahm, a former Jehovah's Witness.

#356 "Being a Courageous Leader."

#357 "A Valentine's Day Special" with Janise Naefzer, Susan Stone, and Christy Oberdeck.

#358 "Improving Your Prayer Life."

#359 "Women Sharing and Witnessing."

#360 "Talking About Jesus to Jehovah's Witnesses."

#361 "Creating a Family Resource Congregation."

#362 "The Ten Commandments" with Dr. Ron Jones.

#363 "Business People Between Jobs" with Rich Burgdorg and George Rish.

#364 "Mormonism and their Temples" with Luke Wilson.

#365 "Easter Special" with Rev. Ron Nelson.

#366 "Resolving Conflict Biblically" with Ted Kober.

#367 "Godly Leadership" with Alan Zacharius of Concordia University, River Forest.

#368 "Teens Involved in Pro Life" with Renee Gibbs and three teens from Lutheran High School.

#369 "Ascension Lutheran Church and Its Ministry" with Rev. Charles Spomer.

#370 "The State of Today's Families" with Kay Meyer.

#371 "A Jehovah's Witness Discusses Child Abuse" with Dr. Jeff Schwehm and Bill Bowen.

#372 "Fear and Today's Families" with Kevin Meyer.

#373 "Essentials of the Gospel of John" with Dr. Michael Esselbock.

#374 "The State of Today's Families and Teaching Teens About Abstinence" with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg.

#375 "Solomon, Apostocy, and Rejection" with Rev. David Schultz.

#376 "Religion in the Workplace" with Steve Subracko.

#377 "Abstinense."

#378 "Improving Our Prayer Life" with Dr. Erwin Kolb.

#379 "Managing God's Creation" with Rev. Ron Nelson.

#380 "Family Life MInistry at Webster Gardens Lutheran Church" with Rev. Joel Christianson.

#381 "Health and Wellness in Families" with Dr. Bill Duey.

#382 "Child in Our Hands" with Dr. David Anderson.

#383 "Sibling Rivalry" with Kay Meyer.

#384 "Bio-ethics and Today's Families" with Dr. Benjamin Mitchell.

#385 "Christian Friends of New Americans" with Jonathan Lange and Heidi Schoedel.

#386 "Why Cult Ministry is a Family Affair" with Dr. Jeff Schwehm.

#387 "The Terrorist Attack-How Is the LCMS Responding?" Guests: Rev. Bill Wrede and Elaine Richter Bryant.

#388 "Concordia Seminary - Equipping Pastors" with Rev. Jeff Moore and Jonathan Manor.

#389 "Sharing Christ with the Developmentally Disabled" with Rev. Earl Bleke, Bethseda Lutheran Homes.

#390 "Friends - A Gift of God."

#391 "Crisis in Our Families-How can the church help?"

#392 "Discipline-God's Way!"

#393 "Stewardship" with Rev. Ron Nelson.

#394 "Introduction to Muslims" with Dr. James Dretkee of the Zwemer Institute in Fort Wayne, IN.

#395 "Twenty Questions-Through the Holidays."

#396 "The Incarnation of Christ" with Rev. Ken Wagener.

#397 "Why I Left the Mormon Church" with Melidy Rosenwinkle.

#398 "Jehovah's Witnesses and the Christmas Holidays" with Dr. Jeff Schwehm.

#399 "Boundaries for Children and Youth" with Debbie Davis.

#400 "Challenges and Joys of Parish Education" with Roland Lettner, Kristine Lutzgens, and Rick Schaefer.

#401 "The History of the Jewish Tribes and the Ark of the Covenant" with Rev. Ron Rall.

#402 "Out of the Shadows" with Rev. Thomas Lapacka.

#403 "Family Ministry with Shirley Bergman, Director of Lutheran Institute on Aging and the Family." Host: Dr. John Oberdeck.

#404 "Under the Influence-How Christianity Transformed Civilization" with Dr. Alvin Schmidt.

#405 "Close the Door on Cloning" with Dr. James Lamb, Exec. Director, National Lutherans for Life.

#406 "The Organizing Sourcebook: Nine Strategies for Simplifing Your Life" with Kathy Widdill.

#407 "Encourage Hearts Through Prayer."

#408 "Trinity Lutheran Church-Its History Then and Now" with Rev. David Marth.

#409 "Let's Learn About Witchcraft and Wicca!" with Marcia Montenegro of Christian Answers for the New Age.

#410 "Practical Living as a Steward of God" with Eustolid Gomez and Larry Reinhardt.

#411 "Meeting the Needs of the Confined" with Gary Benedict, Exec. Director of Lutheran Ministries Association.

#412 "An Easter Special."

#413 "Lydia's House, a home for women who have experienced domestic violence" with Dawn Stringfield, Executive Director.

#414 "Dealing with Depression" with William Kuntz of New Beginnigs Counciling and Hal Pendergrass.

#415 Wicca, Witchcraft, and Neopaganism with Craig Hawkins, author.

#416 Beautiful Feet-Women Who Serve.

#417 Witnessing-A Lifestyle.

#418 Gambling and Today's Families with Rev. Doug Madi and John Hartin.

#419 Resolving Conflict Biblically with Rev. Herb Mueller, President,Southern IL District of the LCMS.

#420 Speaking in Tongues-What Does the Bible Say?

#421 Christian Ethics in the Workplace with Raymond Hilgert, Philip Lochhass, and James Truesdell.

#422 Father's as the Spiritual Leader with David Jander, Mark Dunlop, and William Lubben.

#423 Me and My House-We Will Serve the Lord! With Rev. Roger Sonnenberg.

#424 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse with Linda Berdahl and Darla Deslauries of Dakota Boys Ranch.

#425 One Nation Under God with Congressman Todd Akins.

#426 What's this about Heaven? With Rev. Kevin T. Meyer.

#427 Introduction to God's Word.

#428 Becoming a Parent Later in Life with Rev. Dr. David Peter, Tonja Peter, and Dr. John Oberdeck.

#429 Transitions in Life with Marty Lintvedt, Concordia Seminary.

#430 Jehovah's Witnesses and Disfellowshipping Families with Dr. Jeff Schwehm.

#431 Six Traits of Strong Families.

#432 Understanding My Mormon Friends Faith and Mine with Judy Robertson of Concerned Christians.

#434 Worship in the Early Church with Rev. Joel Elowsky, Ancient Christian Commentary.

#435 Tell Families about the Spiritual Warfare.

#436 Repeat of above.

#438 Celebrate Home with Angie Peters.

#439 Teaching Your Children Christian Values.

#440 The Me and My House Conference with Rev Gayord and Pam Spilker.

#441 My Hindu Family Disowned Me with Bansi Brahmbhatt.

#442 Witnessing to Families with Rev. Dave Mulder.

#443 For all the Saints with Rev. Tim Knapp.

#444 Creativism in Ministry with Wayne Knolhoff.

#445 Disputed Views of Evolution with Rev Ron Nelson (Part One).

#446 Families in an Age of Terrorism with Dr. Gene Edward Veith.

#447 Activities During the Holidays with Jim Urban, Sarah Haggerty, and Sam Catleck.

#448 Let's Learn About Jewish Holidays--Alan Butterworth, Missionary, Apple of His Eye Mission Society.

#449 The Poor and Unemployeed During the Holidays with Alan Erdman and John DeGuire.

#450 Christmas and Pastor's Families.

#451 Ask the Pastor with Rev. Kevin T. Meyer.

#452 Show Me the Way!

#453 Disputed Views of Evoluation with Rev. Ron Nelson, Part Two.

#454 Abstinence and Today's Fa milies with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg-Part II.

#455 Post Abortive Women with Margaret Larson.

#456 Families-Discern Truth from Error.

#457 Disputed Views of Evoluation with Rev. Ron Nelson, Part Three.

#458 Pray and Fast, with Dr. John Echrich.

#459 Witnessing to Gypsies with Rev. and Mrs. Larry Merino.

#460 Jehovah's Witnesses and End Times - Part I with Dr. Jeff Schwehm.

#461 Jehovah's Witnesses and End Times-Part II with Dr. Jeff Schwehm.

#462 Life Issues with Dr. James Lamb, National Lutherans for Life.

#463 Basket of Hope with Angela Burnett, Tina, & Adam Darnell.

#464 Reaching Unchurched Families Through Christian Schools and the St. Louis Metro Voice newspaper with Jim Day.

#465 Our Lady's Inn with Gloria Lee.

#466 Lent and Today's Families.

#467 About the Resurrection of Christ with Professor Daniel Paavola.

#468 Children and Depression with Paul Fullerton, LFCS.

#469 Teen Suicides with Bill Kuntz, New Beginnings Counseling.

#470 Executive Values-A Christian Approach to Organizational Leadership with Dr. Kurt Senske.

#471 Soaring Spirit Ministry with Jan Gannon and Janis Frick.

#472 Improving Your Congregations Outreach Efforts with Kay Meyer-Part I.

#473 A Homeless Miracle with Tim Heltzman of Lutheran Church Charities and Michael, a homeless father.

#474 Improving Your Congregations Outreach Efforts with Kay Meyer-Part II.

#475 Repeat--What's This About Baptism with Rev. Kevin Meyer.

#476 Friends of New Americans with Huma Zafer , a former Muslim,and Rev. Jonathan Lange.

#477 Repeat--A Homeless Miracle.

#478 Devotions for Children.

#479 Can War be Just? with Professor David Wallenberg, Concordia Seminary.

#480 Fours Keys for Nurturing Faith in the Home with Dr. Dick Hardel of Youth and Family Institute.

#481 TV--Its Impact on Children and Families.

#482 Confession and Forgiveness with Ted Kober of Peacemakers Ministry.

#483 Sharing our Faith with Jehovah's Witnesses.

#484 A Family Shield Back to School Special with the Bahr's and Jo Ann Henning.

#485 A Journey of Faith with Debra Pepper.

#486 Lutheran Special Education with Dr. Norma Speckhard.

#487 Why Study World Religions? With Dr. Stephen Carter.

#488 Evidence that Demands a Verdick with Rev. Andrew Spellek.

#489 Life Issues with Dr. Jean Gardon.

#490 Post Moderism with Dr. Gene Edward Veith and Gary Schulte.

#491 What's This About Islam? with Dr. Stephen Carter, Part II of a three part series.

#492 Reaching Families for Christ with Kay Meyer and Rev. Timothy Knapp.

#493 Senior Issues with Rev. Walt Schoedel.

#494 An Open Line--Children, Laughter, and Traditions.

#495 Memories in Moments with Susan Stone.

#496 Eastern Religions: Hinduism, Buddism, and the New Age Movement--Part III with Dr. Stephen Carter.

#497 God's Will with Rev. Todd Wilcon.

#498 Postmodernism--Part II with Gary Schulte.

#499 St. Nickolas with Rev. Ken Klaus of Lutheran Hour Ministries.

#500 Sharing Christ During the Holidays.

#501 Feed My People with John DeGuire.

#502 Ephipany and Today's Families with Rev. Charles Spomer and Roland Lettner.

#503 In the Word.

#504 Congregations and Families Partnering Together with Dr. Dick Hardel of Youth and Family Institute.

#505 It's About Life with Lowell Highby, Diane Albers, Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Gibbs.

#506 Jehovah's Witnesses and Shunning with Dr. Jeff Schwehm. Includes calls from four former Witnesses who have been shunned.

#507 Life in the Amish Community with Ruth Irene Garrett.

#508 Cybersex and the Church with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg.

#509 Repeat--Dr. Dick Hardel.

#510 The Challenges of the Cults with Ron Rhodes.

#511 Orphan Grain Train with Richard Jostes, Rev. Ray Wilke, and Gerry Perschbacher.

#512 Who Really Killed Jesus? An open line discussing "The Passion of Christ."

#513 Gambling and Today's Families with Angie and Steven Shanholtzer.

#514 Courageous Leaders Go God's Way!

#515 What is God's Definition of Marriage? With James Jenkins and David Siscel.

#516 Three Days--Three Nights with Tim Hetzner, Lutheran Church Charities.

#517 An Easter Special.

#518 Beauty from Ashes with Todd and Nancy Stallard.

#519 Celebrate Home--Great Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms with Angie Peters.

#520-523 Sharing Your Faith with Jehovah's Witnesses with Kay Meyer.

#524 Building Strong, Healthy Marriages with Bill and Wanda Kuntz.

#525 Men in Families with Rev. Tom Rogers.

#526 First Light with George Ontko and Rev. Tom Eckstein.

#527 A Fourth of July Day Special with William Federer.

#528  L.A.M.P. with Rev. Don Johnson.

#529 Improving Our Prayer Life--Part One.

#530 Grandchildren and Their Grandparents.

#531 Hebrews--Part One with Kevin Meyer and Roland Lettner.

#532 Hebrews--Part Two with Kevin Meyer and Roland Lettner.

#533 Families in the Old Testament with Professor Reed Lessing.

#534 Biblical Illiteracy with Tim Hetzner.

#535 A Place of Refuge.

#536 International Student Ministry.

#537 Let's Learn About Jude with Kevin Meyer.

#538 Non-profits and Political Issues with James Jenkins of Alliance Defense Fund.

#539 Praying in the Word of God with Kathy Grant.

#540 Secrets of Social Security with james Caulder.

#541 Bethlehem Lutheran Church with Rev. John Schmidtke and Bud Schultz.

#542 Good Samaritan for the Homeless with Val Ferlus and Denise Burns.

#543 A Thanksgiving Special with Ryan Klug, Deborah and Marcel Kohlmeyer.

#544 Dealing with Death and Dying with Rev. Barry Keurulainen.

#545 A Jewish Businessman Encounters Christ with Stan Telchin of Jews for Jesus.

#546 The Book of Mormon with Colleen Ralson of Nauvoo Christian Visitor's Center.

#547 The Incarnation of Christ with Rev. Mark Smith of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

#548-9 Broken Lives: Under God's Grace with Kevin Meyer, Part One and Part Two.

#550 When Alcoholism Hits Home with Rev. Gaylord and Pam Spilker.

#551 Christian Freedom with Kevin Meyer.

#552 It's About Life: Physical, Eternal, and Abundant with Kay Meyer.

#553 Berea Counseling Center with Bud Schultz and Myra Stanley.

#554 Black History and the Church wth Darron Bailey, Dr. Philip Campbell.

#555 Messiah Lutheran Church with Rev. M. Jackson.

#556 Celebration, Milestones, and Family Ministry with Jill Hasstedt and Krista Young.

#557 When Homosexuality Hits Home with Joe Dallas. Underwritten by First Light.

#558 Heit's Point with Roger Mailand and Andrew Radcliff.

#559 The Resurrection of Christ with Rev. Timothy Wilkins of Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

#560 Servant Events for Youth with Rev. Craig Bertram and Rev. Ken Sievers.

#561 New Directions in Missions with Rev. Steve Hughey.

#562 Social Security Secrets--Part Two with James Caulder.

#563 Hope for Families.

#564 A Mother's Day Special.

#565 Christian Science with Dr. Linda Kramer, author.

#566 Life Issues with Dr. James Lamb.

#567 Wheat Ridge Ministries with Dr. Rich Bimler and Dr. Rich Herman.

#568 Family Confirmation with Rebecca and Jason Rush.

#569 Twenty Questions.

#570 Fatherhood and God's Word with Kevin Meyer.

#571 Teaching Your Children Christian Values--Part Two.

#572 Effectively Parenting Tweens with John Bucka.

#573 Freedom from Hunger with John DeGuire of Feed My People.

#574 Responding to Wicca with Marcia Montenagra of CANA.

#575 Inner City Schools Share Christ! with Rev. David Dittmar.

#576 Religion and Health with Dr. Ellen Idler.

#577 Let's Learn About Family Shield.

#578 Reconcilation and Today's Families with Rev. Timothy Knapp.

#579 Concordia Seminary with Dr. Dale Meyer.

#580 Our Lady's Inn with Gloria Lee and Connie Eller.

#581 Lutheran Commmunity Center and Holy Cross with Shirley Booker and Rev. Tim Wilkins.

#582 Strengthening individuals and families for Christ with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg and Tim Hetzner.

#583 Christ in the City with Sue Hewitt.

#584 Repeat of 578.

#585 Nurturing Children in the Home.

#586 Witnessing to Strangers with Rev. David Bueltmann, President, CID District.

#587 Biotechnology in the 21st Century with Dr. Robert Weise.

#588 Families Need Forgiveness and Togetherness with Rev. William Ameiss, President, Northern IL District.

#589 Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses with Dr. Jeff Schwehm.

#590 Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses with Kay Meyer.

#591 Angels Among Us with Ron Rhodes.

#592 Evolution vs. Creation Science with David D'Armond of Institute for Creation Science.

#593 Family Traditions with Roger Sonnenberg.

#594 Encouragement for God's People with Kevin Meyer.

#595 Telling the Old, Old Story of Christ Birth with Timothy Hetzner.

#596 Preparing Children for Christmas with Peggy Kuethe.

#597 Shielding Families and Transforming Lives.

#598 Teaching Children to Pray.

#599 Lutheran Women in Mission with Linda Reiser and Theresa Wehymeyer.

#600 Spiritual Warfare and Today's Families with Rev. Jerry Kosberg.

#601 Special Children Bring Special Gifts with Karen and Miki Cunningham and Chuck Conover.

#602 Witnessing in Rural Areas with Rev. Gaylord Spilker.

#603 Witnessing to Jewish Friends with Rev. Edward Balfour.

#604 Won Out of Liabianism with Melissa Fryrear of Focus on the Family.

#605 Abused Children Carry Added Burdens with Rev. James Likens.

#606 Noah' Ark with David D'Armond and Rev. Ronald Nelson.

#607 Witnessing-A Lifestyle with Rev. Scott Snow.

#608 Dealing with Anger with Kay Meyer.

#609 How Christian Radio Impacted My Life! With Ken Tobler and Pat Hallem.

#610 Christ in the City with Sue Hewitt and Vicar David Corson.

#611 An Easter Special with Rev. Ray Mirly.

#612 Being a Wise Man in a Foolish World with Rev. Dr. Scott Seidler.

#613 The Reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints with James Valentine of CARIS.

#614 Mother's Day Special-Adoption.

#615 St. John's Outpost Maplewood with Jim Britton and Ryan Peterson.

#616 Strengthening Marriage with William Kuntz, Perry Dodge, and Mike Runcie.

#617 Christ Memorial Moves to Target with Rev. Jeff Cloeter, Chris Wilson.

#618 Refugees and Their Families with Rev. Gary Dehnke of St. John's Lutheran Church.

#619a A Father's Day Special with Roland Lettner and Phillip Hohle.

#619b Randy Dirks and Bethany International.

#620 When Cancer Hits Home with Dr. John and Ginny Oberdeck.

#621 Let's Enjoy Life! With Dr. Richard Bimler.

#622 Witnessing to Your Doctor with Dr. William Schuh.

#623 Responding to Athesist, Agnostics and Skeptics with Ron Rhodes.

#624 Reaching the Unchurched with Kevin Rudd.

#625 That I May Be His Own with Rev Tim Wilkins.

#626 Families: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

#627 Slander-A Sin That Can Destroy Lives with Rev. Kevin Meyer.

#628 Divorce and Recovery with Roland Lettner and Rev. Steven Geske.

#629 What Do Teens Say About the Church? With Rev. William Yonker.

#630 Pluralism and Today's Culture with Dr. Victor Raj, Concordia Seminary.

#631 Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren with Sue Johnson and Julie Carlson.

#632 The Book of Psalms with Rev. Kevin Meyer.

#633 Human Cloning and Stem Cell Research with Dr. Robert Wiese and Dr. Rob Hanson.

#634 Lawyers Witnessing to Lawyers with Cordell Schulten.

#635 Engaging the Secular World with a Spiritual Message with Rev. Steven Siegel.

#636 CASA with Allie Chang Ray and George and Mary Ann Petri.

#637 Shining the Light into the Darkness with Rev. Phil Pledger of Lutheran Braille Workers.

#638 Responding in Love to Mormons with Bill McKeever, Morman Research Ministry with Host Roland Lettner.

#639 Spellbound with Marcia Montengra.

#640 Retirement: What does the Bible say? With Dr. Otto Hintze and Walt Schoedel.

#641 Parents Guide to Spiritual Warfare with Leslie Montgomery.

#642 What's This About Family Ministry with Kay Meyer and Tim Hetzner.

#643 Superwomen Complex with Mary Welchal.

#644 Blessings and Challenges of Large Families with Jim, Gayle, Jason, and Sarah Truesdell.

#645 The Good News of Christmas! With Rev. Rodney Wise.

#646 Hope for Families.

#647 30 Days to Tame Your Finances with Deborah Smith Pegues.

#648 Spiritual Needs of Abuse Victims with Diane Stelling.

#649 Responding in Love to Muslims.

#650a Christian Friends of New Americans.

#650b Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses with Kay Meyer.

#651 Sabbaticals and Today's Leaders with Rev. Tim Fangmeier.

#652 Tell the Next Generation with Dr. Dick Hardel.

#653 Resolving Conflict in Marriage with Dr. Mark Hannemann.

#654 Nurturing Children in the Home with Peggy Kuethe of Concordia Publishing House.

#655 The Truth Behind Ghosts, Mediums, and Psychics with Ron Rhodes.

#656 Pray More-Worry Less with Kay Meyer.

#657 Strengthening Marriage with Dr. Bryan Salminen.

#658 Witness-A Lifestyle with David Vaughn and Tim Hetzner.

#659 Trends in Parenting and Easter Activities for Children with Dr. Mary Manz Simon.

#660 The Culture During Jesus Time with Dr. Paul Maier.

#661 Life Issues in 2007 with Rev. Warren Woerth, Diane Schroeder, Connie Eller, and Jim Lembke.

#662 Christians Ablaze! with Dr. Gerald Kieschnick, President, the LCMS.

#663 My Hearts at Home with Jill Savage, author.

#664 Homosexuals and God's Grace with Joe Dallas.

#665 Obesity in Children with Dr. Lauri Utich and Kristen Ruttencutter.

#666 Father's That Stay Home with Jeff Panis and David McFarland.

#667 Guest Host: Roland Lettner. Guest: Rev. Marc Schwichtenberg. Topic: Congregations: Focus on Families.

#668 Guest Host: Rev. Steve Siegel. Guest: Jason Illian, author. Topic: MySpaceMyKids.

#669 Courageous Leaders Follow Christ.

#670 Families-Use God's Spiritual Weapons.

#671 Difficult Questions People Ask with Tim Hetzner and Roland Lettner.

#672 Real Connections with Bill and Wanda Kuntz.

#673 Fathers That Raise Children Alone with David Lah and Sarah Arthur.

#674 What Do Mormons Believe About God? With Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry.

#675 Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots US with Dr. Don Johnson and Will and Patrcia Main-Reaching Native Americans with the Gospel!

#676 The Secret with Professor David Lewis.

#677 Family Shield Cult Outreach Ministry with Roland Lettner and Kay Meyer.

#678 How to Help Families Address Crisis and Stress with Dr. Mark Hannemann and Kristen Ruttencutter.

#679 Multiple Blessings with Rev. John and Angie Burger.

#680 Women with New Hearts.

#681 Enter Through the Narrow Gate with Rev. Ron Rall.

#682 Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace with Ted Kober.

#683 Families and Military Service with Chaplain Eric Erkkinen, Debbie Carter, and Rev. Gary Dehnke.

#684 Learning to Pray with Rev. Craig Otto.

#685 Challenges of Today's Schools with Roland Lettner and David Robinson.

#686 Growing Leaders with Rev. Steve Wagner.

#687 Congregational Leadership with Roland Lettern and Kevin Meyer.

#688 Martin Lutheran and the Reformation with Dr. Gerry Bode.

#689 Nurses for Newborns with Sharon Rohrbach and Linda Spina.

#690 Stories that Touch Your Heart.

#691 The History of Thanksgiving with Congressman Todd Akin.

#692  Traditions and the Holidays.

#693 Asking for Forgivenss When You Don't Want To with June Hunt.

#694 Ministry Basics with Kevin Meyer.

#695 A Christmas Special in 2007 with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg.

#696 Divorce and Today's Children with Dr. Mark Hannenmann and Kristen Ruttencutter.

#697 What Does the Bible Say About...? with Dr. Ron Rhodes.

#698 Lifestyle Witnessing.

#699 Deaconess Nurses with Dr. Deborah Patterson, Jospehine Fields, and Sharon Ema.

#700 Prophecies of the Bible with Dr. Charles Spomer and Roland Lettner.

#701 Humanitri with Robert Otrembiak, John Schoedel, and Karen Huelker.

#702 Holy Trinity Institute with Pastor Tealmo, Carina Kellemann, and Angie Koch.

#703 Sibling Rivalry and Sibling Blessings.

#704 Responding to Families with Mental Illness with Linda, a mother of two children with mental illness

#705 Share the Light with Dr. Robert Roegner.

#706 Life Issues with Dr. James Lamb

#707 Personalities and Our Faith with Rev. Scott Siedler.

#708 Easter Special Through the Years--Part One.

#709 Easter Special Through the Years--Part Two.

#710 After the Resurrection--What's Next?

#711 Memory Care Home Solutions with Lisa Baron.

#712 Grandparents as Faith Mentors with Dr. Richard Hardel.

#713 Reconciliation in Families with Rev. Tim Knapp.

#714 Happy Mother's Day with Nancy Stallard.

#715 Family Shield's Prayer Ministry.

#716 Share the Light with Families with Kay Meyer.

#717 Pentecost and the Holy Spirit with Rev. Andrew Spallek and Professor Jeff Oschwald.

#718 From Muslim to Christian pastor with Rev. John Loum.

#719 CFNA--student scholarship program with Al Buckman, G. Brewah, and David Robinson.

#720 Epworth Children's Home with Dr. Michael Meehan.

#721 Counseling Through Bible Handbook with June Hunt.

#722 Responding and Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses w/ Kurt Goedelman of Personal Freedom Outreach.

#723 Responding to Homosexual with Rev. Ron Lutjens.

#724 The Five Love Languages w/ Dr. Gary Chapman.

#725 Health and Wellness w/ Dave Racer, author.

#726 Family Shield Ministries--Part One

#727 Family Shield Ministries--Part Two with Jens Sorensen

#728 Non-profit organizations and their Boards with Alan Zachiarus

#729 Connections to Success with Brad Lambert

#730 A New Song with Jane Wilke and Jane Fryer

#731 God's Word and Spiritual Warfare

#732 The Psalms with Dr. Tim Saleska of Concordia Seminary

#733 The Joys and Challenges of Grandparenting

#734 The Great Depression--Families of Yesterday with Arthur Wuigk

#735 Share the Truth in Love with Mormons with Rev. Mark Cares--Part One

#736 Share the Truth in Love with Mormons--Part Two

#737 From Me to We in Parenting with Dr. David Ludwig

#738 The Storms of Life with Dr. Lou Jander, The Texas District

#739 Apple of His Eye Mission Society with Steve Cohen

#740 Halloween and Today's Families with Kathleen Crumrine

#741 Gambling and Today's Families with Roger and Pat Hallem

#742 Lutheran Housing Support with Marie Kienker, Gail Olsen, Anna Paul

#743 Be Grateful with Rev. Mark Hawkinson

#744 Joe's Journey

#745 Our Lady's Inn with Gloria Lee

#746 2008 Christmas Special with Rev. Ken Wagener

#747 Christmas and Teenagers with Gretchen Jameson

#748 The Tear Catcher with Lynn MacKenzie

#749 Family Ministry and Today's Families

#750 Life Issues with Dr. James Lamb, Lutherans For Life

#751 A Thanksgiving Special with Caleb and Jacob, David and Karen Vaughn

#752 The Five Love Languages of Children and Discipline with Dr. Gary Chapman

#753 Sharing Your Faith Through Social Networking with Gretchen Jamieson

#754 Jehovah's Witnesses and the Christmas Holidays

#755 Christmas and the Angels with Rev. Ron Rall of Timothy Lutheran Church, St. Louis

#756 Responding Effectively to Jehovah's Witnesses with Dr. Jeff Schwehm, a former Witness

#757 What Do Mormons Believe About Jesus? with Bill McKeever of Mormon Research Institute

#758 What's This About Heaven? with Dr. Ron Rhodes

#759 Love Fest 2011 at Our Savior Lutheran in Arcadia, CA with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg

#760 Women and the Bible

#761 International Students and How to Minister to Them with Cordel Schulten, Coreen Jander, and Professor Chang

#762 Hope and Help for Pregnant Teens and Young Women

#763 Strengthening Your Marriage with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg

#764 How Mormons Are Stealing our Children, Youth, and Young Adults? with Ed Decker of Saints Alive

#765 The Calling with Kurt Senske

#766 Mountain Movers International with Wayne Hamit

#767 Becoming a W.I.S.E. Christian with Rev. Scott Siedler, Concordia Lutheran Church, Kirkwood

#768 Helping Youth Defend Their Faith. Guest: Rev. Scott Benjamin

#769 Reaching the Spiritual, but Not the Religious. Guest: Professor Tony Cook, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

#770 Improving Your Prayer Life with Kay Meyer

#771 Tactics with Greg Koulh, President of Stand to Reason

#772 Grandparents--Mentors of the Faith with Dr. Richard Hardel

#773 The Suffering of Christ--for You and Your Family

#774 Proclaim the Resurrection! with Professor Paul Raabe, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

#775 Sharing Christ with Hurting People.

#776 Repeat of #775

#777 Counter-Cult Ministry featuring Keith Walker of Evidence Ministry

#778 Women Who Serve with Janice Wendorf, President, LWML

#779 Creationism vs. Evolution with Rev. Warren Woerth

#780 Pornagraphy and Today's Families with Dr. John Splinter of New Hope

#781 A Father's Day Special with Lowell Highby. Adoptive Father of Alex from Russia.

#782 Responding in Love to Jehovah's Witnesses

#783 Fun Family Devotions

#784 Adopted in Christ with Dr. James Lamb

#785 Satan's Lies with Rev. Michael Newman, author

#786 The Challenges of the Cults with Dr. Ron Rhodes, author

#787 Everyday Reconcilation with Ken Sande, President, Peacemaker Ministries

#788 Youth Ministry with Krista Young

#789 Families--Use God's Armor in the Spiritual Battle

#790 The Importance of Reading Bible Stories to Children with Rodney Rathmann

#791 Responding and Witnessing to Homosexuals with Joe Dallas

#792 Raising Grateful Kids with Suzie Larson

#793 The Five Love Languages of Teens with Dr. Gary Chapman

#794 The Left and Right Hand Kingdom with Dr. Charles Spomer

#780 Responding and Witnessing to Homosexuals with Joe Dallas, author of "The Gay Gospel?"

#781 Seasons of Life with guest hosts, Coreen and David Jander. Guest: Kay Meyer

#782 Halloween--What's a Christian Parent to do? with Krista Young

#783 We're Not Blended with Marty Lintvedt and Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

#784 Fires of Life with Dr. Lou and Martha Jander

#785 The Grieving Process with Rev. Jerry Hayes of Concordia Lutheran Church

#786 Wicca and Today's Families with Marcia Montenegro

#787 He Remembers the Barren with Katie Schuermann

#788 Why are Traditions Important in Families? With Kay Meyer, host.

#789 Lutheran Indian Ministries with Dr. Don Johnson, Executive Director

#790 Christmas and the Angels with Dr. Ron Rall of Timothy Lutheran Church

#791 The Family Shield Christmas Special with Rev. Rodney Wise of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

#792 Teaching Children to Pray with Kay Meyer

#793 Sharing the Truth in Love with Mormons -- Part One. With Rev. Mark Cares

#794 Sharing the Truth in Love with Mormons --Part Two. With Rev. Mark Cares

#795 Abortion and the Church with Rev. James Lamb of Lutherans For Life

#796 Dealing with Tough Questions with Rev. Mark Larson of Lutheran Hour Ministries

#797 The Alongside Ministry to Young Parents with Jill Hasstedt

#798 Responding and Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses

#799 About Lutheran Church Charities with Tim Hetzner, Executive Director

#800 Eutychus Youth with Dr. John Oberdeck

#801 Joy and the Christian with Rev. Matthew Harrison, President, The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod

#802 Grandparents and Grandchildren with Dr. Dick Hardel (repeat)

#803 Suicide and the Christian with Rev. Peter Preus

#804 Connecting Faith Formation and Wellness with Dr. Richard Hardel

#805 Easter Activities for Children and Youth with Krista Young, Hope Lutheran in Wake Forest, NC

#806 The Family Shield Easter Special with Dr. Timothy Saleska of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

#807 The Importance of Christian Apologetics with Dr. Ron Rhodes

#808 Religious Persecution with Stephanie Hammond

#809 Mormonism's Teaching About Baptism for the Dead with Bill McKeever of Mormon Research Ministry

#810 The Powerful Impact of Music with Rev. Kevin Bueltmann

#811 The Mother's Day Special with Nancy Stallard

#812 The Resurrection with Kay Meyer

#813 Learning about Linc Houston with Mark Junkans

#814 Siblings and God's Word

#815 Lutheran Ministries Media with Dan Johnson

#816 The Family Shield Father's Day Special with Guys For Life and Kurt Ramspott

#817 The Grand Canyon and Creationism with Dr. Andrew Snelling of Answers in Genesis and Rev. Warren Woerth

#818 Reaching Muslims with the Gospel with Cynthia Khan of POBLO

#819 The Gateway Girls and Nancy Stallard

#820 Be a Strong and Courageous Leader with Kay Meyer

#821 There is no God, or is there? Rev. Michael Newman

#822 Mormonism and Eternal Families with Eric Johnson, Mormonism Research Ministry

#823 The Family Shield Counter-Cult Ministry with Kay Meyer

#824 Transitions in Marriages with Marty Lintvedt

#825 Human Trafficking with Wayne Hamit of Mountain Movers International

#826 Politics and the Church with John Eidsmoe

#827 Straight Talk--Answers From God's Word with Rev. Mark Jeske of Time of Grace

#828 What's It Like to Leave Mormonism with Susan Roberts, a former Mormon

#829 Dealing with Anger in the Home with Kay Meyer

#830 JOY-spirations forCaregivers with Annetta Dellinger and Karent Boerger

#831 Parenting Without Guilt with Tom Couser, author of the book Parenting Without Guilt

#832 Improving Our Prayer Life with Rev. Edwin Dubberke

#833 Encouraging Hearts Through Prayer with Kay Meyer

#834 Halloween and Today's Families with Krista Young

#835 Responding and Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses with Keith Walker of Evidence Ministries

#836 The Reformation. Guest: Rev. Michael Zeigler of Timothy Lutheran Church, St. Louis.

#837 There is no god. Or is there? with Rev. Michael Newman, author of this book.

#838 What is Hospice and How does it serve families? with Cheri Murphy and Sharon Agne of Lutheran Senior Services

#839 The Family Shield Thanksgiving Special with the David Vaughn Family.

#840 Families Need Laughter with Kay Meyer

#841 Jump Start Your Witness with Rev. Greg Seltz, Lutheran Hour Ministries

#842 The Family Shield Christmas Special with Rev. Randy Asberry of Hope Lutheran Church and His Time

#843 Repeat of "The Challenges of the Cults" with Dr. Ron Rhodes

#844 Traditions with the Gateway Girls

#845 Depression and Today's Families with William Kuntz

#846 A Life Journey with Jean Amundson

#847 Learning About Mormons with Rev. Mark Cares

#848 New Age Mystics with Dr. Ron Rhodes

#849 Sexual Sins and How They Impact Today's Families with John Splinter

#850 Prison Ministry with Grove Norwood, the Heart of Texas Foundation

#851 Growing Grateful Kids with Suzie Larson

#852 Disfellowshipping and Jehovah's Witnesses featuring ex-JW Joan Cetnar

#853 Faith Formation of Children with Kay Meyer

#854 Lent and Today's Children with Krista Young

#855 Teaching Our Children About God with Chris Sommer

#856 The Family Shield Easter Special with Rev. Mark Smith

#857 Leading in Time of Harvest with Dr. Lou Jander

#858 Dealing with Drugs in Your Family with Patti Bitter

#859 Life After Loss with Rev. Jim Kirk

#860 Difficult Questions People Ask (repeat)

#861 Witnessing Basics with Kay Meyer

#862 Family Shield Mother's Day Special featuring Sarah Guldalian

#863 Responding to Homosexuals with Joe Dallas

#864 Appreciation in the Workplace with Dr. Gary Chapman

#865 What Do Mormons Believe About Becoming Gods with Bill McKeever of Mormon Research Ministry

#866 Learning About Peter with Rev. Tim Klinkenberg of St. John's Lutheran in Orange, CA

#867 Family Shield Father's Day Special with Ben Freudenburg

#868 Biblical Hope for Resolving Conflict with Judy Dabler

#869 Doing Mission in a Post Denominational World with Dr. Rev. Jim Tino

#870 Repeat of Responding to Homosexuals--#863

#871 Being Shining Lights for Christ with Rev. Nabil Nour, Redeemer, Armour, South Dakota

#872 Health and Wellness Ministries with Rev. Bill Simmons and Chris Wilson of Christ Memorial Lutheran, St. Louis.

#873 What They Need to Hear--Sharing Christ with Family and Friends with Rev. Klemet Preus

#874 God's Promises for Families with Kay Meyer

#875 The Importance of Food and Meals in Families with Chris Desens, Executive Chef

#876 The Marriage Whisperer with Dr. Patt Hollinger Picket

#877 5 Things You Can Do To Have a Stronger Family with Rev. Scott Siedler

#878 Family Shield Counter Cult Ministry and Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses

#879 Dealing with Anger and Other Emotions with Rev. Michael Newman

#880 A Walk Through Parenting with Mary Ann Brinkman, author

#881 Broken Parts--Missing Pieces with Dr. Don Johnson, Executive Director

#882 God's Timeline with Rev. Rick Meyer

#883 Dealing with Senior Issues with Rev. Walt Schoedel

#884 Beautiful Feet--Serve and Witness

#885 90 Minutes in Heaven with Don Piper

#881 Unveiling Grace--The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church with Lynn Wilder
#882 Bible and Science with Rev. Ron Nelson

#883 Reasoning From the Scriptures with Jehovah's Witnesses with Dr. Ron Rhodes

Move to AM 1320 AM/Bott Radio

#884 Rev. Randy Asburry interviews Kay Meyer, founder of Family Shield Ministries, about the early history and current work of Family Shield MInistries

#885 What's this about Lost Books? with Rev. Wayne Palmer of Lutheran Hour Ministries

#886 Thanksgiving and Holiday Traditions for the Family

#887 The Vaughn Family Thanksgiving Special

#888 Prayer and Outreach with Rev. Jim Buckman

#889 Behold! I Am Coming Soon featuring Rev. Bruce McKenney

#890 The 2013 Family Shield Christmas Special with Rev. David Meggers

#891 Dealing with Conflict Biblically with Kay Meyer

#892 Learn About the Occult with Marcia Montenegro of CANA (Christians Answers for New Age)

#893 Our Lady's Inn reaches homeless pregnant women with Connie Eller

#894 Stepping Out to a Life on the Edge with Deb Burma

#895 Canceled due to recording problem. Repeated Unveiling Grace with Lynn Wilder

#896 Fighting Fair in Marriages with guest Marty Lintvedt, a Christian counselor.

#897 Repeat: Unveiling Grace with Lynn Wilder

#898 Spiritual Warfare with Rev. Michael Newman of the Texas LCMS District

#899 Why Family Ministry in Today's World? with Kay Meyer

#900 Protecting Our Children from Media and Technology Dangers with Bob Waliszew of Focus on the Family

#901 The American Muhammad: Joseph Smith, Founder of Mormonism featuring author, Dr. Alvin Schmidt

#902 One God One Call for Children with Disabiltities with Dr. Jack Preus of Bethseda

#903 Strengthening Our Marriage with Rev. Roger Sonnenberg

#904 Leaders for Today and Tomorrow with Kurt Buchholz, Executive Director,  Lutheran Hour Ministries

#905 Go First Into the Home (Part One) with Kay Meyer

#906 Go First into the Home (Part Two)

#907 The Family Shield Easter Special with Rev. Tim Scharr, President, SID District

#908 Responding and Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses with ex-Witness Dr. Jeff Schehm

#909 Families Deal with Mental illness with Joyce Johnston of NAMI-St. Louis

#910 Repeat of Dealing with Suicide with Rev. Peter Preus

#911 God Loves Moms with Christina Hergenrader. Our Mother's Day Special for 2014.

#912 Responding to Jehovah's Witnesses with Kay Meyer

#913 Communicating Effectively with Jehovah's Witnesses with Dr. Ron Rhodes

#914 Wounded by God's People with Anne Graham Lotz

#915 Family Shield Father's Day Special with Rev. Matt Clark

#916 Responding to Atheists with Dr. Ron Rhodes

#917 Summertime Activities for Children and Families

#918 Introduction to God and His Word

#919 Why I Left the Mormon Church with Sandra Tanner

#920 Lutheran Indian Ministry featuring Dr. Don Johnson, Executive Director

#921 Dealing with Anger in the Home with Kay Meyer

#922 Prison Ministry with Rev. David Schultz

#923 One More Try with Dr. Gary Chapman

#924 Mormons. Who Are They? What Do They Believe? with Rev. James Liken

#925 Witnessing to Those Who are Living a Sinful Lifestyle with Rev. Mark Larson

#926 Middle School: The Inside Story with Cynthia Tobias, author

#927 Growing Up Social with Arlene Pellicane and Dr. Gary Chapman

#928 It's All About Grace with Michael Newman

#929 The Impact of Grandparents with Jane Haas

#930 Beautiful Feet-Serve and Witness with Kay Meyer

#931 Identify Thief for Families with Katie Koelling of Thrivent Financial

#932 The Reformation and Halloween with Rev. Randy Asburry

#933 Building a Relationship with Jehovah's Witnesses Before Witnessing with Keith Walker of Evidence Ministries

#934 Pastor Appreciation with Edie Norris, plus calls from several listeners

#935 Families Trust Him

#936 Distortion with Chelsen Vicari

#937 Rescue at Sea with Don Wharton

#938 Ask the Pastor with Rev. William Weedon

#939 Why Are You Thankful? with Ken and Lily Krueger

#940 Hispanic Christmas Traditions with Roland Hindojosa

#941 Christmas Traditions with Coreen, Seth, and Elizabeth Jander.

#942 The Holy Family Jeff Hemmer. Host, Rev. Randy Asburry

#943 Your Money and the Holidays with Rev. Alan Sommer. Host, Rev. Randy Asburry

#944 Learn about Kay Meyer and Family Shield Ministries. Host: Dr. David Vaughn.

#945 About Family Shield Ministries, part two

#946 About Family Shield, part three. Host is Ken Krueger

#947 Reaching Gamer's with the Gospel featuring Jacob Toman, missionary for Gospel and Gaming

#948 Black Ministry with Rev. Roosevelt Gray

#949 The Secret Life of Angels with Dr. Ron Rhodes

#950 Raising Teenagers with Sexual Self-Control with Karen Krapf

#951 U-Turn--Restoring America to the Strength of Its Roots with George Barna

#952 A Heart at Peace -- Biblical Strategies for Christians in Conflict with Kenneth Kremer

#953 Strategies for International Ministries with Dr. Doug Rutt, Director, International Ministries, Lutheran Hour Ministries

#954 Your Legacy with Dr. James Dobson

#955 Reaching Mormons with the Gospel When You Only Have a Few Minutes with Bill McKeever of Mormon Research Ministry

#956 Lent and Today's Families with Rev. Adam Filipek, Salem Lutheran Church, Florisaant, MO

#957 The Family Shield Easter Special with Rev. Jonathan Cain

#958 Soaring--Lessons on Faith, Hope, and Love with William H. Kuntz

#959 Prepare--Care--Share: Sharing the Gospel with Hurting People

#960 Positive Leadership Principals for Women with Karol Ladd, author

#961 Ongoing Ambassador For Christ with Rev. Matthew Tassey

#962 A Muslim Becomes a Christian with Nate Salah

#963 The Gospel for Those with Same-Sex Attractions with Dr. Bev Yahnke and Rev. Randy Asburry

#964 Creation vs. Evolution with Rev. Warren Woerth and Rev. Randy Asburry

#965 From Mormonism to LCMS Pastor with Rev. Stephen Becker

#966 Joining Jesus on His Mission with Greg Finke of Dwelling 114

#967 Father Figures Change Lives with Paul Brawley

#968 First Time Dad featuring John Fuller of Focus on the Family

#969 Use the Full Armor of God in the Spiritual Battle with Kay Meyer

#970 What Does the Bible Say about Homosexuality? with Tom Eckstein, author of Bearing Their Burden, Part One

#971 How to Minister to Those Burdened by Homosexuality with Tom Eckstein, Part Two

#972 The Two Kingdoms of God with Rev. Ben Ball and host Rev. Randy Asburry

#973 Thriving in Exile with Rev. Tim Klinkenberg

#974 Hosting International Students with Cordell Schulten

#975 What do Mormons Believe About God the Father and Jesus? with Bill McKeever

#976 Who is Jesus? What Has He Done for Us?

#977 Travelers for Jesus with Jim Lajeuness and Ralph Kelm

#978 Lutheran Indian Ministry with Dr. Don Johnson

#979 Joys and Challenges of Pastor's Families with Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan, President, The Missouri District

#980 The Fellowship of Former Christian Scientist with Katherine Beim-Esche

#981 Planned Parenting and the Pro Life Community with Rev. Michael Salemink and Rev. Randy Asburry

#982 Family Shield Counter Cult Ministry and Interview with Vicky

#983 Training Pastors for Ministry with Dr. Dale Meyer, President, Concordia Seminary

#984 No More Perfect Mom with Jill Savage, author

#985 The Reformation with Rev. Randy Golter

#986 Dealing with Anger with Dr. Gary Chapman

#987 Halloween and Today's Families with Erin Smalley of Focus on the Family

#988 Families Need Laughter

#989 Cancer and Today's Families with Karen Tripp of Cancer Campanions

#990 Screens and Teens with Dr. Kathy Koch, author

#991 Creation: Facts of Life with Gary Parker, author

#992 He is Coming Soon (repeat)

#993 Family Shield Christmas Special with Rev. Derek Paetow of Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Lemay, MO

#994 No More Perfect Kids with Dr. Kathy Koch

#995 Reclaiming Home with Krista Gilbert

#996 Mormons and the Gospel with Bill McKeever

#997 Life in the Womb with Stephanie Neugbauer

#998 The Testimony of an Ex-Mormon with Matt Wilder

#999 Hospitality and the Church with Rev. Mark Frith

#1000 From Jewish to Christian with Rev. Edward Balfour

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