Recovering from Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse Recovery WorkbookSpiritual abuse has a devastating effect on people. Since a very high level of trust is often placed in spiritual leaders, it is expected that the trust will be honored and guarded. When trust is violated the wound is very deep. Sometimes the wound is so deep that the wounded person cannot trust even a legitimate spiritual authority again. Besides an unhealthy fear of and disillusionment with spiritual authorities, the spiritually abused person may find it difficult to even trust God. They may think, “How could He let this happen to me?”

It is hoped that those who have been subjected to spiritual abuse will find this program a helpful tool in their journey to recovery from their spiritual wounds and find healing in their relationship with the Lord. Today I'll interview David Henke. He is a Christian apologist that specializes in issues of mind-control, spiritual abuse, and legalism. Besides being the author of The Spiritual Abuse Recovery Workbook, he is also the founder of Watchman Fellowship Inc.